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what type of gas should i use?


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hey, im new to gti's and i just purchased a 2007 mkv, but im not entirely sure what type of fuel to use. i did some researching and i got the sense that i should use 91 or 93, but im not sure and i still have a week before i pick up the car. any tips? thanks.


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Does anyone know for certain that our ECU can advance timing enough to take advantage of 93? The car's listed requirements are 91.

Just curious.


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I've read on the APR site that you get a few extra horses and ft-lbs when using 93.


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My car takes only 98 RON or better. It's written in my manual as well as inside the tank cap. Your equivalent to 98 RON in the US is 93. I've been putting 100 RON (your equivalent is 95) since day one, not because I need it, but because I was suggested to do so by my dealer. In terms of power, the difference between 100 and 95 RON (US equivalent 91) is around 20-25bhp on a stock car. The only advice I can give you is go for your 93 even if you're stock. I'm not an expert I just feel safer doing what I'm told by those who are. Unless your car takes regular too so that's another story.


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Yes marknouj, I can imagine APR recommending 93 octane, but for their 93 octane tune, no?

DarkX, you've been giving some incorrect info down the line somewhere. Your manual may specify 98 RON, but ours specifies 91 PON, which is NOT the equivalent of 98 RON.


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Not chipped? Use regular. Gas is going up again, to $4 within the year.
How much of a difference does it really make? I always have put 93 in my car, but if gas goes up to $4 a gallon I'll have to start putting the regular in the car--I'm 17 and don't want to spend all my money on gas. I only drive like 300 miles a month or so, most of it in town. Bone stock 2009 GTI.



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I put nothing but 94 in my car, the difference between regular and premium is what 10, 15 cents per liter? its only about a few dollars more to fill up with premium.


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GTI FSI fuel type

DarkX, you've been giving some incorrect info down the line somewhere. Your manual may specify 98 RON, but ours specifies 91 PON, which is NOT the equivalent of 98 RON.
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There should be a sticker on the inner side of your fuel cap lid to remind you.
Yes, henwee, there should be. :wink: And it is marked in both PON and RON :wink:

Fuel flap label for a US Mk5 2.0t FSI (BPY) engine, should be the same as the OP's 2007 US GTI

Octane Rating Calculation Methods
There are various calculation methods, RON, MON, and PON or AKI.

RON: (Research Octane Number). Most common fuel used in Europe, Australia and some other Countries.
It is determined with measurements of fuel behavior in a variable compression engine.
Results are compared with other iso-octane fuels, which means,
compared with other fuel types with equal number of similar octane molecules present,
but not the of the same organic compound.

MON: (Motor Octane Number). Determined also with a variable compression engine,
but with the fuel already preheated, variable ignition timing and higher RPMs than the RON method.
This method is more precise on determining fuel behavior on an loaded engine.

PON or AKI: (Pump Octane Rating or Anti-Knock Index): This is the method used in USA and Canada,
expressed as [R+M]/2, which means RON number plus MON number, divided by 2.
In other words, it is the average between both methods above.
So, due to the fact that RON is always from 4 to 5 points higher of its equivalent to PON or AKI,
the number conversion between USA and Europe octane ratings will approximately be as follows:
USA (PON) –> Europe (RON)
87 –> 91
89 –> 93
91 –> 95
93 –> 98