What is it with this bridge and GTI drivers!?


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Third VW and second GTI in 2 months. Can you city guys start avoiding this area? Anyone recognize the car?

You may have read about this one like 6 weeks ago.

A Volkswagen flew off a dangerous Queensboro Bridge exit ramp Saturday morning, injuring two people in the same spot where two other Volkswagen crashes have occurred in the past two months, police said.

The two male passengers suffered minor injuries when their gray Volkswagen GTI hatchback caught air off the bridge exit ramp about 6 a.m, accordingt to cops.

The hatchback slammed into a concrete barrier and skidded into a second, which the city Department of Transportation recently installed as a safety measure following the two previous crashes, which left a man dead and two others hurt.

After plowing through some scaffolding, the totaled hatchback landed atop a livery cab, witnesses said.

One lucky woman exited the cab just before impact.

"I was coming out of the cab, going to the arm to pay the cab driver and I saw the car coming at me," she said. "I just covered my face and ran."

"Parts of the car were pouring all over me," she said, her hands stained with grease from the hatchback's underbelly. "It literally felt like I was in a movie."

Witnesses said two bloodied men crawled out of the hatchback. Both were rushed to New York-Presbyterian Hospital.

"They were coming from the city and they were going very fast, speeding, like at least 60 miles per hour," said cab driver Mohammad Iqbal, 52, who witnessed the crash.

A car flew off the same exit ramp on April 6 and smashed into a storefront- mirroring a March 28 crash that killed a cab driver walking on the sidewalk.

Locals said DOT needs to add additional safety guards.

"The have to do something," Iqbal said, "This is the third time, people are going to die."


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again! thats insane


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another stupid act by Michael Bloomberg wasting on tax payer $$$ for the so call safety projects.


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LOL its raining volkswagens. seriously though who are these people? I recognize all of them but nobodys came forward.


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Seeing as I am in California, it shouldn't be too hard to avoid that bridge. :biggrin:


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im wondering why its only v dubs lol seems like this bridge needs some modification to make it usable without such high risk of flying lol