What have you done to improve your (halogen) headlights?


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I love this car, but she really shows her age when driving at night.
The headlights are pretty terrible. I'm considering a range of options.

On the close end is doing a headlight restoration on the lenses again (did one about 5 yrs ago) and getting some different bulbs. Is anyone running an LED H7? Do they fit? Do they actually look like the Amazon ad shows them?

On the far end is an aftermarket housing but that's taking a shot in the dark with quality. Has anyone used a specific brand that they like?

I don't necessarily need it to be HID, I just want it to be better.

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I can start you off with some HID fogs for the MKV GTi. I have a set never used, still in the box, purchased from Umnitza that I want out of the garage. $20 plus shipping.