Waywell WD6050 Multimedia/GPS Head Unit Info thread


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I will update this thread as I go. This is to get most of the info out of the way.


Waywell WD6050 Unit:

Package Contents:
1. Multimedia/Nav Headunit
2. VW OEM Harness cable/adapter
3. Aux-in cables
4. GPS antenna
5. Single Fakra to DIN radio adapter
6. iPod cable
7. Remote control
8. Crappy instruction booklet
9. (optional) SD card with GPS software


1. 6.5" 16:9 Panasonic TFT LCD Monitor 1220*234
2. Touch Screen with Graphic OSD display
3. Double SD slot,I-POD spported on front interface
4. Bluetooth with phonebook function
5. Dual zone: drive can listen to music while viewing the map watch DVD in front and watch TV in back at the same time
6. Compatible with divx/mp4/mp3/DVD/VCD/CD/CD-R/CD-RW,etc
7. Built-in TV tuner (PAL/NTSC/SECAM) (Requires separately purchased antenna)
8. Built-in FM/AM, 50 preset radio stations
9. One channel video input,two channel video output; Two channel audio input, three channel audio output
10. 4X 45W audio output
11. Back rear-view camera capability (with purchase of rearview camera)
12. Language: Italian,German,English,French,Spain,Russia,Portugal
13. Built-in RDS

1. Radio

- FM1, FM2, FM3, AM - 10 station presets each (I count 40 total, not sure how they got 50)
- Reception is good, but some cars may need a dual fakra to single din adapter.
- volume for radio is louder than other modes. need to remember to turn down the volume when changing to radio mode.
- no "Audio" menu in MFD

2. Navigation

- choice of Tom Tom, Route 66, or IGo8
- loads from SD card in GPS Card slot
- software is up to you, can download updates, etc.
- comes with GPS antenna
- so far IGo8 works great. I even have all the latest maps. GPS trip information etc. is a bonus.
- there is no Navigation menu in the MFD.
- you can listen to your other audio/video sources while you're in navigation mode. The nav button can toggle you back and forth between the navigation screen and audio/video source screen.

3. CD-C (CD Changer)

- uses OEM VW changer cable that is connected to your harness.
- OEM VW changer cable can be hooked up to OEM 6-disc external cd changer, OEM iPOD adapter, Phatnoise Phatbox/Kenwood Music Keg
- works like OEM cd changer controls only using the touchscreen.
- Phatbox/Music Keg works with this headunit and is a big PLUS!
- unfortunately no music text
- no "Audio" menu in MFD

4. iPod

- connects to the front of headunit with supplied iPod cable.
- able to mimic menu system shown on iPod
- able to display music text
- would have been better if they had a connection for this from the back of the unit as well
- no "Audio" menu in MFD

5. Bluetooth

- very easy to get working and pair with phone
- can view directory of phone numbers from your phone.
- no "phone" display in the MFD
- phone button on steering wheel works to answer calls, and place calls when number is selected
- call quality seems good, adequate

6. DVD

- Picture resolution is great!
- very easy to use
- memory playback for last point on DVD
- slight hiss on volume levels up to level 5 when parked, not an issue while driving.
- uses the dvd/cd slot at the top of the unit
- your basic multimedia based on disc player

7. SD Card slot

- not much to explain, load and browse folders
- plays MP3, DivX, JPG, etc. you get the idea, it does a lot.
- shows file names, don't remember if it shows ID3 tags. (i think it might)
- officially supports up to 2GB SD (non SDHC), but also supports 4GB SD (non SDHC).

8. TV
(picture placeholder)
- requires external antenna to be purchased

9. Aux-In
(picture placeholder)
- cable is supplied with unit
- cable plugs into back of unit, and has a set of female RCA cables.
- you can hook up video game systems, or external A/V systems to this cable.

10. Rear View Camera
(picture placeholder)
- requires purchase of camera sold separately.
- used for rearview camera.

General Questions:
1. Does this unit work with the OEM VW premium audio amplifier?

2. How easy is this unit to install?
It is plug and brainer

3. Does this unit support SDHC?

4. Can I use the steering wheel controls with this unit?
only the volume and mute buttons work. there is no audio menu. Still can use controls for trip and convenience setting menus.

5. Will my satellite radio unit (sirius, xm) work through the OEM harness connection with the WD6050?

6. Does this unit have a built-in hard drive?

7. Can you disable beeping on buttons?

8. Can you watch videos while driving?
I wouldn't recommend it if you're the driver, but yes. You could also toggle it to safety mode to prohibit watching while driving too!

9. Does this unit have USB?
No. It remains to be seen if the new Multimedia adapter that is supposed to be used for the RNS-510 will work with this unit.


Recommended iGO Software:
1. Nav N Go iGO 8 R3 series - v8.3.2.71348 (Jan 7 2009)
2. iGO v9d for iGO ~
4. Loquendo Text-to-Speech (TTS) package for iGO8 R3 Series
5. SpeedCam (US, Canada and Europe) for iGO 8 / Miomap Jan 2008
6. kv12's modded GJ6 skin

I have been getting some PM's regarding iGO8 issues. so I've made a rough guide so you guys can see what files you might be missing.

For iGO8 to work properly the only folders you could leave empty referring diagram above;
"Save" Folder (It will usually populate as you save settings)
"Custom" Folder (Somehow it's always empty...)
"Phoneme" Folder (Optional Localized pronunciation files)
"Speedcam" Folder (If you have custom speed cam locations here's where you put them... if not keep it empty. one file will automotically populate itself there)
"Skin" Folder (If you are using the default GUI nothing needs to be here... If you are using the GJ skin this is where it goes.)
"Extension" Folder (However you must have stuff this folder as shown if you are using the GJ6.0 skin)
Make sure you have all the essential stuff in every other folders not listed above.

Since so many people are using igo8 with thier WD6050 and AVCs I think more people will be interested in further customizing thier units... so here's a very very basic guide to making your own skin for iGO8.
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Waiting with baited breath for some screen shots. I'm particularly interested in seeing the CDC screen since I'll be integrating the Phatbox, and I understand that the right navigation buttons on the steering wheel aren't usable.



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2. Navigation
(picture placeholder)
- choice of Tom Tom, Route 66, or IGo8
- loads from SD card in GPS Card slot
- software is up to you, can download updates, etc.
- comes with GPS antenna
- so far IGo8 works great. I even have all the latest maps. GPS trip information etc. is a bonus.

Very nice review. Lots of good information. One quick question, do the Navigational Directions still appear in the MFD?


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Wow this unit looks great... And iGo8 is a free download right? How much was this unit? I love it

IGo8 isn't freeware, but version 8.0 (w/ 2007 NA maps) was shipped with my unit for an additional $5 USD on an SD card. IGo 8.3.x.x is the latest release however, and there are more recent maps available.

The price has gone up, but this unit is still an incredible bargain. I just wish that I'd ordered a few weeks earlier. My total was $540 USD which included shipping to the US and a paypal surcharge.

After seeing both the AVC-9000/D720V and this one in action, there is hands down no comparison. The internal hardware is equivalent, maybe even the same, but more thought was given to the Waywell user interface across the board. It's much more polished and ready for prime time.