Waterleak in passenger side footwell


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I registered to look for help with a water leak in my car. I have a mkv gti 3 door without a sunroof.

Recently i discovered the passenger side footwell is completely soked. I have attached pictures as to where the water is coming from. I have cleaned the waterdrains under the bonet. When i poor water over the windshield/down the drains in the bonnet most of the water comes out trough the wheel arches. But gets in trough the seam on the floor.

Is it normal for water to be on the other side of that seam? i could close the seam from the inside of the cabin with silicone sealant but if water is not supposed to be on the other side of the seam id rather fix the real problem.

Where could the water be coming from? I have looked on the inside of the a piller trough the holes, im pretty sure its not coming from there since i cant see any wet spots and all of it looks dusty, so it does not appear to have had any water through it.

Im looking forward to any help!

Greetings, Freek.
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I guess pull off the fender and inspect? I don’t see why there would be water there without a sun roof. Never done it myself, but I read putting tape across the panel seams will help you line it up correctly afterwards.

Like that yellow tape. Put a few strips across the hood/door gaps. Draw a line on it with a marker,and make sure the lines are all in place before tightening everything down when re-installing


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Maybe try taking out the wheel housing liner before the fender and see if you find anything. May also want to pour water into the cowl panel and not windshield and see if it still leaks. I take it you took the plastic cowl panel off did the HVAC intake have its cover install correctly.


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So i finally managed to find and fix the issue. When you open the door there is a hole in the door sill with a rubber gromet in it so water can leak from the door in to it and straight back out again. Mine did not have the gromet in it so all the water just went trough my door right in to the car. After finding this out i also found out allot of rust had formed on the frontside of the sill, which i managed to repair. See pictures and links below for partnumber and schematics.

A friend of mine has a mk5 gti 5 door and doesnt have this hole and gromet in doorsill. His dooor is also different. Mine has a little "nozzle" that goes in the hole, his door just has tiny holes directly down at the underside of the door, i believe this is the same for the mk6's.

Thanks allot for the help, much appreciated!
Rubber gromet: Number 22 - part number 1k3831469

Rubber gromet in sill(not my car)

Rust after grinding:

Repaired(after undercoating repair isnt visible):