Warning for those who purchased from TPD Racing


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It is with deep regret that I am making this thread regarding the non-performance of a former forum sponsor. We have received several complaints from members regarding problems contacting TPD Racing, as well as paying for products that were never delivered. We feel deeply sorry for those who are still owed something from them. Based on the complaints of members, we have attempted to contact TPD Racing several times over the course of a week, and have been unable to get a response. As such, we feel that it is necessary to take the extraordinary measure of posting threads in some forums to make people aware of the situation.

Unfortunately, there is not much more that we can do at this time, however, those who still have pending items from TPD Racing should do their due diligence in attempting to contact TPD Racing and resolving the matter in an amicable manner. If that fails, and you are unable to resolve the situation, and you feel that they have violated their legally binding contract due to non performance, non-delivery of items, or other violations, then I would strongly suggest that you contact your credit card company (CC) and file a chargeback. Generally speaking, you need to file a claim within 60 days, though, if you qualify, you can file a chargeback up to 1 year. Rules vary from credit card to credit card, and laws vary from state to state, so those affected should review their rights closely.

More info on chargeback laws in California:

We wish those involved the best of luck.
The previous thread is gone now and i still havent recevied my exhaust. Any one else on the pre-order get there or any additional info?