Warmer weather brake squeak + grind


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Hey all,

I have been having this intermittent problem for a little under a year now, other problems with the car have caused me to push this to the back burner...

I have stock brakes (by that I mean stock setup, the brake pads and rotors have been replaced in the life of the car) with about 60% life left in the pads. I have noticed that when the brakes are cold, there tends to be a little bit of squeaking when coming to a stop. Once the brakes warm up a little, the sound goes away. However, after about 15 minutes or so of moderately aggressive driving, after the brakes have gotten completely warmed up, I seem to get this ungodly squealing any time the brakes are applied, combined with an occasional grinding noise when coming to a stop. They perform great, but just give off a horrific noise from all four wheels.

The problem seems to have gone away with the winter cold, but with some recent warm days here in MD, the problem has come back in full force. Way back last summer when I started to notice the problem, I pulled all four calipers to inspect the pads. All looked good. So I sprayed some disc brake quiet onto the pad backs, lubed up the caliper pins, and put it back together. No change. I pulled the calipers again more recently due to the grinding sound, but all still looks good.

Any suggestions beyond just getting new brakes? I have no idea why these persist in making noise. And I don't want to replace the pads with so much life left. Could I try bedding the pads in again? Any compounds anyone has used that seem to work?