Vagcom in NYC


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came across the maptive app on vortex for members with vagcom but the app unfortunately isn't very accurate. Lately, my 2.0t has been getting fuel cuts after the car warms up. It's more like it goes into limp mode after driving spirited as it doesn't allow me to rev beyond 3k rpm. If I drive agrresively after allowing the engine to warm up in the morning, it goes into boost without any issues, but after 5-10 minutes it goes into limp mode

I've replaced the fuel filter with the newer 6.6 bar filter, oem cam follower, OEM thrush sensor, deleted the clumsy noise pipe, plugged the intake PCV and rear breather tube. Both my PCV currently VTA , I checked for boost leaks but the problem still persist.

I refuse to dump any more cash attempting to fix it by just guessing the root of problem. I suspect a low pressure fuel pump but the car idles smooth, has no rough or erratic idle. The car is stock with just a k&n typhoon intake. Car has 66k miles

If there's anyone within Manhattan, the Bronx or Yonkers with vagcom willing and able to diagnose my car, please drop me a PM. Tips, thoughts or ideas on a fix are greatly appreciated.

Thank you all ahead of time :thumbsup: