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Vag-Com / vagcom Guide


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Well, i decided to put to put together a little guide for the Vag-Com. It's only a first draft, so let me know what you think! They're in Word, but i can put them in PDF if anyone prefers it that way.

ok, so i revised it into 1 pdf, and added links inside, for easier reading.

Edit: docs attached to our servers so they're preserved (JJ-R32)


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Though I don't have Vag-com..i still skimmed through it. Nice job!

Seems like a very useful guide if I had Vag-com...

I am sure this will help a lot of people!


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WOW That would have saved me a lot of time when I first got my VAG-COM!!! I spent countless hours tinkering with it lol. I need to do the fogs as DRLs, hadnt figured that one out. Thanks again! :respekt:


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id l;ove for anyone to be able to answer me thjis question, where can vag com software be purchased.. can the dealer sell it to you, or do you go through sites like ebay to get it?


I don't want to be a pita, but can you explain how the remote windows works? The Vag-com screenshot you reference describes doing it via a remote control - I assume meaning the keyfob (duh) - but what button/s do you push? Is it a simple Lock=windows roll up? For example, what does "Comfort opening power windows via remote control" do?

There's a shop nearby that will do the coding for me as long as I bring in the info, but I want to make sure I know what I'm doing before I tell them to do it.




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thinking to buy a vagcom, for a 07 GTI, which interface do I need to get from the site?

or is there anyone in the GVA able to help me out? heh :)

micro-can will only work with the newer cars, like the mkv gti/jetta/rabbit, b6 passat, stuff like that (possibly citigolf, i'm not sure about that though) - $250

hex-usb+can and hex-com+can will work newer and older cars on the mkv gti/jetta/rabbit, mkiv's, b5 & b6 passat, etc. $350


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A little off topic, but which will work with the Audi A4? I'm kinda on the edge of what to get, the A4 w/ CVT or GTI 6spd. Was able to find this forum and seems like a lot of support here. But I can't seem to find the same for the Audi, though it uses the same engine? (though the ratings on APR's site say different)