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Are we about to see another Russian collapse? (

Putin unveils bizarre conspiracy theory (

Entire Russian Military Unit Wiped Out in One Attack (

How to beat Russia: Here’s what Ukraine is doing right on the battlefield (

First Thing: A deal with Putin won’t bring peace, says Ukraine ex-minister (

Inside Putin's 'Zombie' Camps for Kids Where Students Face 7am Brainwashing Drills and See Blood-Soaked Torture Rooms (

Putin claims he is to meet Chinese leader soon (

Russian TV shows startling images: What does Putin fear? (

US Just Gained a New Bargaining Chip for Negotiations with Putin (

Putin Promotes General With Eye for Attacking Eastern Europe (

Rostov-on-Don: A Russian city on the fringes of war (

Attack on Russian city ends in disaster: heavy blow to Putin’s “greyhound” (

Ukrainian Defence Intelligence identifies a list of Russian facilities to be destroyed (

Putin plan crumbles as poll shows Russian enthusiasm for Ukraine war plunges to record low (

Is Lukashenko going too far? The passport ban that's outraging the world (

Kremlin confiscated Swedish Volvo plant on Russian territory (

Russia to held accountable for organizing 'elections' in occupied territories (


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Professional Russian army ran out last fall - Ukraine's spy boss (

Russian military moves closer to Europa: Sets up bases near Finnish borders (

Russia Deploys 46 Iskander Missile Launchers on Ukraine's Border: Kyiv (

The former Russian arms dealer known as the "Merchant of Death" who the US exchanged for Brittney Griner is back in Russia and now learning to use a smartphone (

Putin’s security concerns so deep, even his guards are kept in the dark, reveals former FSO officer (

Putin's election candidates drop pro-war slogans over fear of losing votes (

Lula addresses possibility of Vladimir Putin being arrested in Brazil (

Lula says Putin will not be arrested at Brazil G20 meeting (

Gen. Mark Milley on seeing through the fog of war in Ukraine (

Russia to return to grain deal once all Moscow's conditions met, Lavrov says (

Sabotage attempts reported at polling stations in occupied Ukraine as Russia holds local elections (

Russia's policy - Kremlin allows to torture of Ukrainians (

Romania summons head of Russian diplomatic mission due to UAV crash on Romanian bank of Danube (

Polish ambassador does not consider security guarantees for Ukraine viable without Warsaw participating (

Ukraine claims to recapture Black Sea oil platforms seized during Crimea's annexation (

General Milley talks with Zaluzhnyi several times a week (

Ukraine Strikes Back - An Unexpected Turn as Counteroffensive Overwhelms Russian Defenses (

NATO’s Stoltenberg informed: Russian attack hits Romania (

Putin is digging Russia into economic disaster (

Putin Allies Try to Grab Power as Military Backslides in Ukraine (

Putin Warlord's Doctor Feared to Be 'Buried Alive' After Suspected Poisoning Attempt (

Russia’s mobilization plans point to mass conscription of up to 700,000 reservists — General Staff (

What problems will the Russians face during a new wave of mobilization (

Russia wants to recruit 420,000 soldiers despite the country being crippled by labor shortages, UK intel says (

Russian Soldier Warns Putin's Military May Lose Crimea (


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Ukraine Maps Show State of Counteroffensive Amid Robotyne Advances (

Beware the False Prophets of War (

Ukraine and Germany to build wind power plant near decommissioned Chornobyl nuclear power plant (

Russian general says Eastern Europe is next, reminding us why we need to back Ukraine (

Zelensky: Counteroffensive started too late, there will be no happy end (

Wagnerites in Belarus recruited to Lukashenko's private military company (

NATO will have no other war as long as Ukraine fights Russia – expert interview (

Time has not yet come: Gen Milley reveals what determines the end of war in Ukraine (

Brazilian President Luiz Inacio sparks fury after suggesting U-turn on Putin stance (

Former ambassador says only one thing can stop Putin's war (

Latvia to consider closing border crossing with Belarus (

Russia's Crumbling Planes Keep Coming Down. Putin Wants More Flights (

Putin suddenly claims that Russia should not "harm interests of other peoples" (

Vladimir Putin says that inflation in Russia is making it 'practically impossible' for businesses to plan (

Putin issues 'serious' warning to UK and claims Sunak 'doesn't understand' Ukraine war (

Putin Lashes Out at Former Kremlin Allies in Video Meltdown (

Putin Contradicts His Own Defense Ministry to Boost Russian Military (

Demoralised Russians ‘fight on with machine guns pointed at backs' (

Putin admits: It was a mistake (

Vladimir Putin Just Went On Another Rant. Here Are The 6 Most Surprising Things He Said. (

Putin doesn't even trust his own bodyguards and gives them fake travel plans, says former guard who defected (

Putin's spokesman claims Putin hasn't decided whether to run again in 2024, but a Russia expert says any indecision is just a schtick (


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Putin’s right-hand man Sergei Lavrov: Situation has changed (

Russian Soldiers Rue 'Colossal' Regiment Losses in Video Address to Putin (

Russia covered up a pilot's attempt to shoot down a NATO aircraft near Ukraine, blaming it on a malfunction, report says (

Experts analyzed Putin's body language during his meeting with Kim Jong-un: He showed signs of anxiety (

Daring Operation Sees Ukraine Disarm A Billion-Dollar Russian Defense System (

She danced with Putin at her wedding. Now the former Austrian foreign minister has moved to Russia (

Putin’s kingdom of the dead (

Czech Foreign Minister warns the West against imposing negotiations with Moscow on Ukraine (

PPP leader calls for Russia to stop 'devil's deal' with N. Korea (

Satellite images appear to show Wagner camp in Belarus being dismantled (

Pence: If Ukraine doesn’t stop Russia, US may have to fight (

Cuba is not against its citizens fighting on Russia's side in Ukraine, RIA cites envoy (

Putin convenes Security Council to address relations with neighbors, allies (

"We're expecting good news": Ukrainian Commander-in-Chief on meeting with Western partners (

DSEI 2023: Wolfhound’s laser system takes out UAVs for the price of a ‘cup of coffee’ ( 7-11 or Starbucks????

Ukraine's army keeps outsmarting Russia on the battlefield, with cunning ruses and opportunistic attacks (

Cuba’s regime sent fighters to help Russia in Ukraine; now it’s trying to cover its tracks (

Duda confirms meeting with Zelenskyy in New York (

Russian defense minister contradicts Putin and announces new nuclear submarines (

Ouch! Big blow for Putin and Russia (

Ukrainian soldier says US-made Bradley fighting vehicles are 'priceless' in nighttime assaults, offering visibility better than in daylight (

White House confirms Zelenskyy and Biden will meet on 21 September in Washington (

Russia’s incompetent air force is one mistake away from sparking war with Nato (


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Virginia, USA

UK intelligence warns of potential russian attacks this winter (

It's up to Ukrainians how they use ATACMS – Blinken (

Ukraine transforms modern warfare and advances toward victory every day: Chair of NATO Military Committee states (

Is Ukraine trying to retake Crimea? (

Lavrov to come to UN Security Council meeting that might be attended by Zelenskyy (

Head of Sputnik expelled from Moldova turns out to be Russian officer and native of Ukraine (

Putin Is GROVELING – Russia’s Mad Dog Despot Has Some New Words to Make People Look Away From His Brutal Invasion of Ukraine (

Russian generals busted over bribes (

Wagner Fighters Struggle to Get Hired at Burger King in Russia (

Putin ally and warlord who sent thousands of troops to fight in Ukraine 'critically ill' (

North Korean arms for Russia probably wouldn't make a big difference in the Ukraine war, Milley says (

Russia is suffering from a major domestic fuel crisis (

First 2 ships agree to use temporary corridor to Ukraine's Chornomorsk port (

Ukraine's sea drones can damage Russian warships even if they don't directly hit them, Ukrainian spy chief says (

National Guardsman describes Russians abandoning everything, including their dead, during Kharkiv Oblast counteroffensive (

IAEA chief skeptical Russia will share nuclear technology with North Korea in light of treaty obligations (

Top Russian Paratrooper Dies in Ukraine's Counteroffensive (

Russia is likely growing its cruise missile stockpile to attack Ukraine's energy infrastructure this winter, says UK intel (

Ukraine’s Advance Puts Russian Elite Units on Their Heels: Tactical Reshuffle Ensues (

Russians report drone attacks on Crimea, Moscow (

Robotyne on the Brink: Ukraine’s Bold Move Exposes Russian Defensive Cracks (

Fearful of ATACMS? Lavrov hints at a US war with Russia using Ukrainе (

Fire rages at oil depot after drone strike on Russia (

Russian Offensive Campaign Assessment, September 16, 2023 | Critical Threats


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A sneaky move at a Kremlin meeting may show why Putin took his time in eliminating Prigozhin (

US Republican senators pressure Biden to speed up shipment of ATACMS missiles to bolster Ukraine's counter-offensive (

Ukraine crowns a week of military successes with a 'significant' tactical breach on the southern front, think tank says (

Ukraine Forces Secure 'Significant Tactical Breach' on Front Line (

Liquidation of Black Sea fleet to force Russia to accelerate its exit from the war (

Is one of Russia’s oldest allies slipping from the Kremlin’s orbit? (

Ukraine's Armed Forces explain significance of Klishchiivka’s liberation: springboard for further action (

Web of Deceit Threatens Russia’s Military Strides in Ukraine: Whistleblowers Break Silence (

Newly set Russian military commissariats on occupied territories seize civilian equipment (

Putin furious over Ukraine's clever war tactic (

Russia concentrates 52,000 soldiers on Bakhmut front (

History books will tell how Ukraine transformed modern warfare, says top NATO admiral (

President of Finland: Risk of nuclear weapons use in Russian war against Ukraine is tremendous (

NATO chief: “If Ukrainians stop fighting, their country will cease to exist” (

Top Ukrainian security official offers West four-point plan to implement Ukraine’s Peace Formula (

Russia seeks to import construction workers from North Korea to occupied Donbas (

U.S. questions Russia's willingness for peace talks with Ukraine (

Russian troops withdraw from Norway border in drop since start of Ukraine war: official (

Russia reinforces defenses around Tokmak amid Ukraine’s tactical penetrations of invaders’ first defensive line (

Russians report new attack on Shaykovka airbase (

UAV attacks and damages oil depot in Russia's Oryol Oblast (

Top US general: Removing Russia from Ukraine a ‘very high bar’ (

Lukashenko insists that Belarusians are "most peace-loving nation" and there will be no war in Belarus (

Poland fortifies its defenses with U.S. backed deals (

Drone attacks shut down Moscow airports as Ukraine presses offensive: Updates (

Russian Offensive Campaign Assessment, September 17, 2023 | Critical Threats