Uber-Stealth Audio- Summer Sale?


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Well, guys, summer is here and things are getting a little slow around the shop.

If you have not seen my customer fit sub boxes visit my site @

Been building VW specific sub boxes for about 10 years now.

Anyway, last year I dropped my prices and eliminated sales, so everyone would get a good deal.

BUT, it is summer and kinda slow so I may be doing a sale on my already lower prices.

Trying to gauge interest to see how many takers there are. Probably be around 10% off


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I have been interested in your driver side box for my GTI but my but my current sub (10 inch pioneer champion series) has a 5.5 inch mounting depth. I believe your boxes are made to order correct? Can you make a box with a mounting depth slightly bigger? I know it would push the sub about an inch and a half farther into the luggage compartment.


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edmond, ok
Stupid question, but is there a solution where I can still cover the spare tire?
this allows you to cover the sub. It is meant to be used with the floor in place. However a pic of the floor in place would like like a stock floor, so i find it better to show it with the floor up =)


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ive had one of these boxes for a few years now and still brings me joy every day! being able to have full trunk space still is a huge +; If anyone is looking for a custom box I wouldn't hesitate for this!