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Touchy first gear after stage 1 reflash


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Los Angeles
Hi. I just got the United Motorsports Stage 1 Tune and have a slight bone to pick.

In first gear, I cannot get off the throttle pedal without having the whole car buck a little bit. The closest sensation I can describe is if you accidentally disengage the clutch a little but and then release the clutch pedal. Granted, I do have upgraded engine and trans mounts (65A, i.e. stage 1 mounts) single mass flywheel, but this seems excessive.

On one hand, I considered going with APR since they've been described as a more conservative tune but with the UM tune, I was able to have adjustments made for the Neuspeed intake.

Any advice?


Ready to race!
I guess it cuts fuel delivery directly as you release the throttle while the stock software keeps a bit of throttle to ease the transition (but also cause RPM hang). Is that what you are mentioning?