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I'd def be interested depended on the percentage we get off, but can you ask them how much for the 4 door GTIs? I have a feeling its going to be higher even though we have the same amount of glass... :confused:

I've been quoted here at "The Tint Guys" for $170-$180. If I can get this price then I'd be in.


wow, up to 40% discount? isn't that around like $120?

i'd definitely be down for a group buy for that price...


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Been emailing Winners (in both Rockville and Annapolis) as they seem to have very good reviews... Got some info on doing a group buy thing... Who would be interested in doing something down in Rockville?

Here's the email:

The price for your vehicle is $199.00 with a Lifetime and Nationwide
Warranty. This Warranty covers Peeling, Fading, Cracking, Bubbling, and
Delaminating. If any of these issues occur, Winners will replace the film
free of charge for as long as you own the vehicle. Winners uses only the
best Technology in the business, with "Computer Cut" window tinting, so
all of your windows will fit to your windows specifications. In MD the
legal limit is 35%, but we do offer different shades including: 50% -- 35%
-- 20% -- 5% (Limo). Please let us know if you would like to have your car
done with our Professional Installers. Please call us at any of our store

Annapolis: (410)-266-6788
Rockville: (301)-738-8468

The price for all standard 2-door cars is $199 however depending on the
ammount of cars you can bring in we could set up a VW Tint meet on one of
our off days as long as we get at least 5+ cars. The only issue with group
discounts is they must be done at the same time. If you would like to set
up a group meet i can work out a good deal around 10-40%off depending on
hom many cars we could get together.

Thank you, Kenny

Count me in for a group tint. I have a 4-dr btw. :thumbsup:


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I emailed the guys at Winner's a few days ago and haven't heard anything... I've been really busy with work, etc lately so I haven't had a chance to call... I'll see if I can get a hold of them sometime later this week... Would everyone be able to maybe do a Sunday or something? I think they're normally closed on Sundays, but I imagine if we have enough people we could probably have them open just for us...


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I'm new here. Been lurking. But I just picked up my GTI the other day and looking to get a tint.
I would be down with the group buy.
Just out of curiosity, does anybody know what type of film they use?
do they offer metallic/ceramic, or just dyed?


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So you bump up an eleven year old post about a tint shop by the name Tintshoppe and your username is Tintshoppe, at least give us some info on pricing and tint you use.