thud noise sometimes when slowly taking off in first gear.


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mk5 golf gti
Hi everyone hopefully with some help I can troubleshoot the issue, long story short I purchased a mk5 golf gti after checking common issues and general checks as you should when inspecting a car, drove fine without any unusual noises during test drive and 90km drive home through a wide range of traffic conditions and types of roads. The day after I have been noticing a thud noise from front half of the car when slowly taking off/releasing clutch in 1st then it goes away once fully depressed, reverse and other gears are smooth no noise whatsoever. Clutch and flywheel are new, has new dogbone mount, all running gears and bearing, cv joints have been checked pre purchase and are apparently in good condition. After trying to rule a few things out Im still thinking possibly an issue with the clutch as this is only happening under a specific condition as I described above. Any help would be greatly appreciated if anybody has any ideas what it could possibly be.


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Some things that come to mind are engine and/or transmission mount. The rear position bushing on the front lower control arms has a tendency to wear relatively quickly. It's also possible this is subframe movement but I would expect that noise to occur with other energy transfer movements. Does the sound seem to originate down lower or up higher near where the dash meets the windshield?