The Underground economy


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So i'm writing an essay about the underground economy and I'm relating it to illegal immigrant farm labor. Basically how illegal immigrants are gettin paid less then minimum wage. I have to relate this to how it affects our underground economy and how it is essential for us to retain this underground economy with these illegal immigrant farm workers.

Here is the official prompt of the essay

Write an essay in which you speculate about the underlying social cause of the increase in black-market economic activity in the United States. You may limit your analysis to one of the three underground economies Schlosser discusses: marijuana cultivation/sale, illegal migrant farm labor, or pornography, or you may link them through a common theme. In your essay, you will need to help your readers understand the importance of the underground economy, show that you have considered various points of view, provide reasons for your position, and support your reasons by using material from Reefer Madness and other sources.

Lol if your wondering why i probably picked the most boring topic is because there is a lot less reading in the book about it and i saved this all for one day, its due within 13 hours and I'm just starting. Plus its a ltl interesting.
Well any help would be appreciated just to get my mind going.


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Well you might want to point out that if we don't allow the use of illegal immigrant (being paid under minimum wage) then our food price will rise due to higher cost.

With the increase in food price, everything else will increase causing inflation. Also it will increase American's product's price in the world market there by reducing the US export.

Also there are alot of job in the us that American refuses to do, without illegal immigrant doing these job at a reasonable wage we are left with two choice.

Stop the functioning of that industry as a whole


Greatly increase the wage to attract American worker

Both option will result in weakening the US competitiveness in the world economy