The new Golf MKVI won't be sold in the US !!

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News from Germany;

According to our source Volkswagen seems to have some problems with the next generation VW Golf, the VW Golf VI, and therefore can't reach the self-set ROI rate of 5%, currently at 3.4%. This means that Volkswagen would lose over 600 million Euro profit over the product lifetime thanks also to the weak dollar.

As a result, Dr. Martin Winterkorn has decided NOT to sell the next-generation VW Golf in the US, Brazil and Australia! We will keep you up to date if more news are breaking...


of it's a repost, i'm sorry


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That doesn't quite make sense, because I thought part of the reasoning in the design of the MkVI was to make it cheaper to manufacturer than the MkV.

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i smell some bullshit.

and if it was true, we'd just get the MkV for a longer period of time...vwoa wouldn't just stop selling golfs here...


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i think americans will start moving to europe :biggrin:


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More info from this week's Wall St. Journal:

Volkswagen is to cut production costs of the next Golf by about 1000 euros per vehicle as part of a cost-saving programme, reports the Wall Street Journal.

The German carmaker is due to unveil the sixth-generation Golf at the Paris Motor Show in September. VW has struggled to make money with the outgoing model, which has been in production since 2003 but has been profitable for only the past two years.

According to the Wall Street Journal, VW will keep the current model's platform for the new Golf to achieve the cost-cutting.

The cuts are part of a broad effort to reduce costs and improve profit through simplification. The Wall Street Journal said that VW is eager to reach a return on investment of more than 10% in its auto division in the medium term, from 9.5% last year.

The new TSI engine now being rolled out, while probably better, also includes cost savings for VW, both in servicing and production.

Cost savings don't always make a better car, so we might be better off with the MKV for awhile. It is the greatest GTI yet.


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Yes it will.


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Well, no mention of Canada so I assume we're safe. Mind you, considering how much they cost here, I'm sure there profit is quite healthy.
Still, kind of hard to believe. VW is trying to increase their US presence so how can eliminating a model achieve that goal, especially with soaring gas prices.


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so will our MKV will for higer price on a second market ??


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Compared to the MkIV platform, this one is worlds ahead and I am sure they can improve it for a few more years. I could wait a while for a MkVI....I'm not done with my MkV yet. ;)


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Didn't somebody say that the rabbit was getting canned in the U.S.? Contrary to other markets, I don't think anyone would deny that the Jetta is the better seller than the golf in the U.S. market.

I'm not sure this would apply to GTIs.


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I don't have any "Official" info, hell the last time I did VW Changed it's mind and made me look like a schmuck!

Anyway, I was talking to a guy from VW Tech Center in Westlake Villiage on Friday and he had some interesting stuff to say, as well as a freakin cool 2009 TDI Jetta Wagon that he let me spank around my normal test drive rout without even riding shotgun!

Here's what he was saying.

1. VW is going to build at LEAST one assembly plant (more likely two) in the south eastern US to build cars for US and els ware. When I grilled him about what VW would be making there he fained away a little but did mention Tiguan, Next Gen Jetta, and whatever will replace the MKV Golf here in the US. If that's an MKVI Golf(I hate calling it a rabbit which is why mine says GOLF!). Again, he didn't have any real specifics to tell me but there was one thing he said that was somewhat concerning. He mentioned that in the transition between the MKV and it's successor there is going to be a bit of a gap. I probed him for a time frame but he clammed up like a tease on prom night. I'm hoping that he was full of shit, but I know there was a gap between the MK4 and the MK5.

Hope I don't freak anybody out but and this is not 100% biblical truth, stuff that was discussed between a tech guy and a sales guy off the record.