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The Golfmk OFF-TOPIC chat (Part 11)


The Fixer
09 GTI
We used to go hard on the MKV haha. Now it's deader than dead. Maybe we will see some revitalization since no one knows what forum they're posting in anymore since the merge.
This is true. My threads and searches make no sense anymore. My MKV avatar is from MK6.
So vBulletin wasn't getting updates...big deal. Updates are OVERRATED. The site was working. Tapatalk wasn't perfect, but it made more sense than this monstrosity.
Nice to see you guys are still kicking though!


Go Kart Champion
Jacksonville NC
Being that they merged our OT and I don't know who the hell any of you are any more I feel like I should introduce myself.

I'm Mark, or sometimes Old Man Mark. I don't have any volkswagens in the family any more. I have a ton of left over MKV parts. I plan on buying another MKV/6/7 but I just keep getting sidetracked with off road toys. I still check back on here every few days when work is slow.