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Mayo is more offensive than some of those pics. Just sayin.



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I googled it. That’s pretty bad
Yes - but if you stick your head into the sand and pretend it didn't happen, just allows for it to happen again. Wouldn't it make more sense to put it into context and explain why it is offensive now and why it should have been offensive back then as well - but wasn't.

The cancel culture has never read Fahrenheit 451 - or perhaps they can't read.

If you look at virtually any book, you can find something that is offensive to someone and if you are expecting racism everywhere, then you can find it everywhere.

I'm from a military family and grew up in Germany. Because we were going to transfer back to the US, my parents decided to send me to German school when I was 4. I started 4th grade when we moved back to the states - to Huntington Beach in California where the only Hispanics were the migrant farmers and Cesar Chavez. There was one black family - the dad was a doctor. Because I spent the last three years in German school, I had a bit of a German accent.

So, little Hispanic kid, two years younger than the rest of the class, with a disability and a furrin accent - care to imaging the bullying and discrimination? You grow a thicker skin and raise those issues that are truly problematic and disregard the rest. You learn to put stuff in perspective and don't go looking for bad things everywhere.

Oh, and while Fahrenheit 451 is clearly discriminatory against Celsius, the below is clearly discriminatory against mosquitos.