The COVID19 SCAMdemic... Brandon Stacks Losses In Federal Courts - Alec Baldwin Says The Gun Made Him Do It


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Wow zrick and this thread enlightened me. The whole thing is fake, I knew it was made up by bernie sanders but this confirms it. Is there anything the golf forums can't solve!? Amazing

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They get more money when they list as muh COVID. Something like $33,000.

They were claiming 13k or 39k on ventilator.... maybe so. Friend used to work for an ortho surgeon. He told me the guys wife tried to talk him into operating on people that may not need it.


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FACT: 5G mobile networks DO NOT spread COVID-19



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I deliver pharmacy. What more details are necessary?
Well you don't deliver to dead people, so I assume you're saying you knew someone sick. I don't need DOB or SS#, I'm not a Nigerian scammer. Just a little more info than 'yes' would be helpful. Everyone is up in arms about this nonsense but no one knows anyone in the hospital.
Don't think earth is flat, and there is definitely a SSP (secret space program) with a base on the backside of the moon.
Here is a cup of coffee that tested positive for MUH COVID-


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I'm 30 min away from the #4 COVID 'hotspot' in the world, Albany GA. I checked the data a couple weeks ago, Georgia has 1.6% of our positive cases going to the hospital, and 80% of those people went home. SCAMDEMIC

There is a brand new, never before seen illness going around filling hospitals and thats a scam to you?
Regardless of how many people survive (i had a mild case myself) or are discharged from hospitals; you are OK with this time last year SARS-CoV-2 not being a thing and this year it having killed/infected as many people as it has? By the way I do know people who have passed away, funerals that were skipped, and now there are walk-through funerals. My family has known 3 COVID deaths from previously mostly-healthy people. I also had an aunt go from perfectly healthy to rekt by pneumonia or whatever happens in your lungs for almost 2 weeks not able to walk because it took too much energy. I know of a case where a man just got off a ventilator after weeks and is now recovering from that - i guess that long on the ventilator does a number on the body.

I don't think mismanagement of the response on every level by lots of countries amounts to a scam or any conspiracy theories. We are just seeing the gov't do what they do best, fuck things up. This is why there are people who like a more limited gov't. Their response to COVID is how everything is handled, just we saw how terrible and broken the process was in this case.

You're very, very far away from proving any sort of case here anyway. No cross-referencing against other countries numbers, no comparisons of numbers between states within the US, did you even point to a country that "got it right" in your case and had no response to COVID and has no issue with the virus? Are there any countries with reasonable levels of international travel that didn't mask up, socially distance, restrict national travel and don't have any issues with COVID? Seems there should be at least a few?


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OP, all joking and poking fun aside, please try to pull yourself out of this conspiracy theorist bubble. It is a rabbit hole that is harder to get out of the deeper you get. Seek help if you need to and I say this genuinely. You aren't going to expose anything or prove anything. All you will do is find loosely correlated things that in reality are in no way, shape, or form related to one another. In terms of COViD, you are only putting yourself, those you love, and those around you at risk if you do not take proper precautions. I say again, please, don't let the internet conspiracy theory community claim another person who I believe has a good head on that shoulders but has just been led astray.