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That's it... I'm sticking with VW


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You must have the will power and patience of a monk.

Back on topic... How is Porsche able to buy VW? I thought VW was the big head company that owned Audi, Skoda, Lambo, Bugatti, and Bentley?
Porche is the most profitable auto maker in the world, and on top of that they have been in bed w/ VW for years.. (owning a partial stake in the company)

I did take it easy, I just threw it on cruise control and went 65 on Revo stg 1.. my gas mileage is awesome since chipping.


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When I went to buy my car.. I was considering either an A4 or a 316 since that's all I could afford but I liked both cars. While at the audi dealer I thought I'd check out VW as well. The only car that caught my eye was the GT. I test drove the A4 and 316 but found them too slow and a bit small on the cabin size. The A4 did feel very nice on the inside but it was a mule. The 316 had a great ride and handling but the windscreen was too low and again it felt a little cramped in the cabin. The golf had a larger cabin and was much faster. Plus because it was a 1.4L it cost less than both. The 316 was like 2000 CYP more and without any extras. The golf came with gorgeous alloys, sport seats, leather steering wheel and gear knob and handbrake lever. Plus I managed to add a few goodies and still keep the price quite lower than the bimmer. Plus.. it's a youngster's car. So the golf it is.


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VW dubbed the most valuable carmaker in the world

Makes me proud to drive a V dub... Not to mention that it's a great German car for much less than other German engineered autos... I'd rather get a nicely loaded GTI instead of a bare-bone BMW 328i which would still cost more...

Not to mention this is one of the most friendly discussion boards I've seen... I've posted a few times on BMW and Audi forums, and they're just rude and uptight... I'm still new here and you guys and gals rock :thumbsup:

I love VW's :wub:
I have to agree that audizine is horrible. snobs with the lack of knowledge makes the worst public forum gathering ever. I have never seen such rudeness from a forum and I have been on a few more than I can remember, but this one takes the cake.