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Das Schiesse
2008 CW GTI
Front End

Badgeless Grille
Grille Stripe Vinyl Wrapped Yellow
Nokya 2500K Yellow Flash-to-Pass Bulbs
Nokya 2500K Yellow Foglight Bulbs
Lamin-X Yellow Foglight Film
GMG Tow Hook License Plate Mount
KSR Design Fibreglass Hood Vent


Rokblokz Mud Flaps

Rear End

Volkswagen MkV R32 Rear Bumper
Colour-Matched Hatch Emblem Backing
GTI Badge Removed
2.0 FSI Badge Removed
Rennline 1.5 Ton Folding Tow Hook w/ Yellow Sticker
Rear Wiper Removed

Engine and Drivetrain

CTS Turbo Cold Air Intake
Forge Motorsport Diverter Valve
AWE Tuning Mk5 R32-Style Catback Exhaust
CTS Turbo Catch Can
DieselGeek Panzer Plate
Bully Stage 3 Kevlar Clutch
Bully 17lb Single Mass Steel Flywheel
Wavetrac Limited Slip Differential
USP Motorsports 1st-2nd Gear Steel Shift Fork
USP Motorsports 3rd-4th Gear Steel Shift Fork
034 Motorsport "Motorsport" Engine Mount
034 Motorsport "Motorsport" Transmission Mount
034 Motorsport Billet Dogbone Mount Arm
034 Motorsport Density Line Dogbone Mount Pair

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Das Schiesse
2008 CW GTI

Wheels and Tires

Volk Racing TE37 Tokyo Time Attack Powdercoated Black
Yellow TE37 SL Spoke Stickers
Volk Racing High GT Center Caps
034 Motorsports Wheel Stud Conversion Kit
Hankook Ventus R-S4 255/35-ZR18 (Front)
Hankook Ventus R-S4 235/40-ZR18 (Rear)


KW Variant III Adjustable Coilovers
Integrated Engineering Adjustable Camber Plates
034 Motorsports Adjustable Rear Camber Arms
Whiteline 24mm Adjustable Front Sway Bar
034 Motorsports 25.4mm Adjustable Rear Sway Bar
034 Motorsports Adjustable Front End Links
034 Motorsports Adjustable Rear End Links
Whiteline Anti Lift Kit
Whiteline Bump Steer Correction Kit
Tyrolsport Front Subframe Deadset Kit
034 Motorsports Rear Trailing Arm Spherical Bushings
Epic Euro Tuning Ultra Adjustable Tubular Front Control Arms

Front Brakes

StopTech Big Brake Kit
355mm x 32mm Two-Piece Slotted AeroRotors
ST40 Forged Aluminum Four-Piston Calipers (Yellow)
Street Performance Brake Pads
Stainless Steel Brake Line Kit

Rear Brakes

HPA Motorsports Big Brake Kit
335mm Two-Piece Slotted Rotors
Baer CNC Aluminum 4-Piston Calipers (Yellow)
Ceramic Brakes Pads
Stainless Steel Brake Lines
Integrated Parking Brake w/ Custom Return Mechanism
Dust Shield Removed

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Das Schiesse
2008 CW GTI

Headliner Removed
Carpet & Insulation Removed
Door Cards & Speakers Removed
Rear Seats & Seat Belts Removed
All Rear Trim Removed
Spare Tire & Toolkit Removed


OSIR Design Gauge Cluster D-Frame
P3 Cars Integrated Vent Gauge
deAutoKey LED Wafer Footwell Lights (Red)
PerformanceLEDs Door Warning Light Retrofit Kit
NewSouth Performance Offset Dashpod
NewSouth Performance 52mm 125-300F Oil Temperature Gauge
NewSouth Performance 2.0T FSI Banjo Port
NewSouth Performance 52mm 0-100PSI Oil Pressure Gauge
NewSouth Performance 52mm 30inHg/30PSI Boost Gauge
Radio Removed

Center Console

OSIR Design Center Console GT5
Garage Door Opener hardwired to custom console button
Double Apex AUX Relocation
Double Apex USB Charger
Volkswagen ED30 GTI Shifter
Volkswagen ED30 GTI Handbrake
Volkswagen European Cupholder
Volkswagen Bottle Opener
Armrest and Storage Bin Removed


Sparco Ergo (Driver)
Sparco Seat Base (Driver)
Sparco Steel Side Mounts (Driver)
Sparco Lumbar Cushion (Driver)
Sparco Pro Adv (Passenger)
Sparco Seat Base (Passenger)
Sparco Steel Side Mounts (Passenger)
Sparco Lumbar Cushion (Passenger)

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Das Schiesse
2008 CW GTI
I've got a lot planned for the next few months.

New wheels, brakes, and coilovers are the highlights.

I'm going to be doing autocross and some driver development courses this year so I'm looking into tow hooks, fire extinguisher mounts, and kill switches.

I have some small mods planned too. I've had a Forge DV and a hatch pop kit sitting around all winter, and I'm doing something interesting with my rear wiper.

And hopefully some more carbon.


Ready to race!
Tustin, Ca
I love the carbon center console. I've always wanted to get it but never pulled the trigger. I'm glad I get to see it actually in a car. You may have changed my mind about getting it!


Das Schiesse
2008 CW GTI
It's pretty expensive but I've never regretted it, the best part is when you get in the car at night and you see the little red lights above the shifter refllecting off it. Everyone that gets in my car says it looks awesome and whenever I look at the picture I took before I swapped the parts I can't believe how much better it looks.

If you do buy it don't order it through OSIR Design USA though, use Parts4Euro or another website. I went through an ordeal where they accidentally put my order on hold and wouldn't answer the phone. I actually emailed the CEO and he personally found out what was going on but I got it a month later than I was supposed to.


Das Schiesse
2008 CW GTI
I had a pretty productive "first weekend" of the year.

I spent the past week juggling cars with my parents because my cam follower failed. I talked to VW Canada and three dealerships (including one that a coworker has sway with) and they refused to do anything about it. With the weather improving I wasn't about to waste any of it so I had my mechanic order the parts. Seven hours and $2000 later my car was fixed on Thursday. Interestingly, they found that the oil change I had done at my dealership two weeks earlier doesn't seem to have been done, and the new cam follower another dealership put in when mine failed wasn't actually done either. I'm working with my mechanic to have that dealt with but in the meantime it's full steam ahead with my plans for the year.

My new wheels should be here in the last week of April or first week of May.

Yesterday I registered for a season of autocross and signed up for an autoslalom driving course. The first autocross event isn't until May 25th but the driving course is on April 12th so I'm going to have the brake fluid and coolant replaced this week.

Today I took my winter tires off and washed them. The plan is to get a beater after the summer so they'll never be going back on. For now I'm on the all seasons my car came with, once I get my wheels I'll be mounting summers and the all seasons will go the way of the winters.

The first half of my detailing supplies for the year were delivered this week. I've been using AMMO exclusively since I got my car but this will be the first time I use Jewelers Polish, Leveling Fluid, or Citrus AP Cleaner.



Das Schiesse
2008 CW GTI
I swapped my dome lights and vanity mirror lights back to stock, they were LEDs but I prefer stock honestly. Don't really want such bright lighting inside the car.

After that I gave it a wash, cleaned up the salt marks on some of the interior trim with some Meguiar's wipes, and vacuumed. Took me a solid 20-30 minutes to clean my pedals, they were so nasty, but AMMO AP cleaner worked really well. There are a lot of iron deposits on the paint but I need to wait for my order from Detailers Domain to come in before I can do anything about them.
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Das Schiesse
2008 CW GTI
Another busy weekend.

I had my coolant and brake fluid replaced on Friday.

On Saturday I spent the day burning rubber at the Ian Law Advanced Autoslalom School. It was an 8 hour course that was half classroom time and half driving. The focus was on the racing line and weight transfer in the class, and outside they put us on a skidpad, slalom, a large 180 bend, and then a full autocross course.

I started off slow. I don't drive fast on the street and I rarely touch the brakes so it was a real adjustment for me to get in the racing state of mind where you bury the throttle out of the corners and brake hard going in. By the time we got to the full course though I managed to ditch my road driving attitude. Another adjustment was to get close to the cones on the passenger side, I went from being two feet away to inches throughout the day.

Aside from that I was told I'm very smooth with my steering inputs and that I know my car well based on how I feather the throttle to manage understeer.

It was a ton of fun and a great learning experience. I learned a lot that'll help me with autocross this year. Being able to find my cars limits with professionals to offer advice definitely took me pretty far up the learning curve too, I could easily have wasted a whole year of autocross events and not gotten as far as I did yesterday.

I ran 45psi in all my tires yesterday, based on the chalk marks that I had on my tires at the start of the day I should be running more pressure. Next time out I'm going to try 47psi all around. I bought a little journalist notebook today to keep track of tires pressures and eventually suspension settings when I'm autocrossing or at a track day.

I also picked up a package at the post office today. I still need to order a few items before I can do a paint correction but I have the clay bars I need and a bottle of Auto Finesse Iron Out to get rid of the rusted iron deposits my car is covered in.
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United States
Two questions , was the p3 boost gauge worth the price ?
And how is the ammo products , I've been watching his videos and was gonna order the brush and interior regimen set but didn't know if it was worth the shipping

Btw love the interior
Sub :)


Das Schiesse
2008 CW GTI
I think it was yes. It's a very stealthy part, if you didn't know to look for it you'd think the car came with it. I didn't want to install gauge pods and ruin the OEM look of the interior, or attract any attention from other drivers or the police, so it does that really well.

I really like the amount of information it displays also. I use the coolant temperature readout all the time in the winter (I don't start driving until it reaches positive temperatures and I don't turn on the heat until it's at least 50 degrees) and when I'm auto crossing.

The 0-60 timer is fun at a drag strip or a deserted road. You can use the intake air temperature readout to test out air intakes. The whole display flashes when you reach an engine speed you set in the menus, it's pretty aggressive so you see it in the corner of your vision. It displays exhaust gas temperature, throttle position, and ignition timing also but I haven't used them so far aside from a quick test.

The website says the speed readout is uncorrected and more accurate than the speedometer but I get the exact same reading, although according to GPS my speedometer is bang on anyway.

There's a boost mode also but I've heard it isn't completely accurate, it has three connections for analog gauge taps so you can hook it up to the wires for proper gauges. I'm planning to hook up an oil pressure gauge soon.

AMMO is great. The very first Drive Clean episode aired the week I bought my car, I actually posted in the YouTube comments asking if he would ship to Canada and Larry replied. We emailed each other and he actually paid for the shipping on my first order, aside from a handful of winter washes when my car was more brown than white I've never used anything but AMMO products on my car.

What I like about AMMO Foam is that it's really gentle, I don't have to apply any pressure at all when I wash my car, everything just glides off. AMMO Skin is the best wax I've used, it's like a layer of glass when it sets, and it lasts a long time because it's synthetic. My favourite is AMMO Mud, it adds a lot of depth to the tires without making them shiny but it also works great on the exterior plastics.

I've emailed Larry personally a couple dozen times and he always responds, I owe everything I know about detailing to him. His products are expensive but I think they're worth every penny. If you want to try them just buy a bottle of Foam and Hydrate and use them to wash your car, if you like them try another product.

Personally I don't use anything but AMMO products on my car, the picture below says it better than I ever could. I don't like cars covered in stickers but this is what you'll see on each of my back windows, likely the only stickers you'll ever see on my car.