SP adjustable 24v cam gears? Opinions?


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southbay CA.
08' R32 dsg

So, saw the SP Schimmel Performance adjustable 24valve cam gears & been hypothesizing “ why the f*** pay $1500 for mild sport cams (not even high lift cause of this vvt sh**) when all you’re doing is moving the power band further? Seems similar task can be accomplished moving the lobe separation angle with these gears, even on stock cams. Maybe not huge top end, but better then stock especially when tuned. Or maybe these exist for new cam installs that are not “degreed”? Was also considering switching to UM engine flash instead of keeping giac. Hear it adapts to timing changes, or they at least have file for it.

This emission conscious state won’t let you get away with a turbo kit that is high priced to begin with, and have to take apart every 2yrs bi-annual smog. Cam tuning is the best option. Would like to hear thoughts. May get the gears anyway, but need to be convinced it needs the schrick 268/264’s aswell....