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So if you have purchased this game today, I'm sure you have had problems connecting to the servers.
Is it just me or have more and more game developers/companies adopted the "release it now, fix it later" mentality?
So I now have purchased a 40 dollar game that I cannot play, boy do I feel like a sucker. I tired to return the game however since it was opened, I could not return it for a refund rather only for store credit.
Being an online only game, I expected lag, maybe some connecting problems to begin with. But not even being able to start the game is a bit saddening.

On the plus side, the official PS headset is bitchin. I've had problems with my old blutooth headsets, but SCE did a bang up job on this one. Volume is as loud as you can stand and then some, voice doesn't spill over to the microphone. Charge time is fast and the on screen display for the headset is handy. Headset is a little on the heavy side but I hardly seem to notice.


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I'm with you on the "release it now and release a patch later" metality. I mean, for a game to be playable online ONLY and not have a single player (offline) option the online play should be near perfect. It not like the people who develop SOCOM have never heard complaints about their servers.

When I first got the game I installed that disc-based "update". Then proceeded to start the game and was prompted to do a system update, even though I had just done one the day before. Then I start the game and an prompted for yet another download; this time a "game data installer" or something. It takes me 2 hours to download just one 400mb file, probably because everybody and their mother is doing the same thing.

I finally get online and start to play and within 20 seconds the game freezes and I am forced to restart the PS3. When I finally get it back up and running again I get the "server full" message when trying to get back online.

I've played off and on the past 2 days and have not been able to play for longer than 20 minutes without the game freezing and locking up.

I essentially paid $60 to be annoyed.


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If they didn't charge full price ($60) for a game, I wouldn't mind the "release it now and release a patch later" metality. PCs do it all the time and I don't know why they're $10 cheaper.

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