So you want to do a track event, eh? Start here.


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I've read about brake fade and it seems the consensus is to go with Hawk HPS or HP+ and to also upgrade the fluid. Can you ball park what this would cost, including labor? $150 to $200? What are brake bushings??

As for tires, my current set have about 3-4/32 of tread left and so I was figuring that I would need new tires shortly after the autocross.

Well, my HPS pads were $165 shipped from DBC Performance and I did them myself. It's really not too bad. Bleeding the brakes on the other hand was a PITA. It's not that the actual process is hard, it's just if you run into issues getting the bleeder screw off, that can cause frustration.

HP+ I want to say are around $240 shipped from DBC.

If you are somewhat mechanically inclined, brake pad swaps aren't bad. Dan GSR and others have said that you don't have to replace/resurface the rotors unless they're really warped or worn (lips on the edge).

But with labor, I'll bet you're looking at around $350 for the HP+ pads (including the cost of the pads). Add in bleeding, and you may be looking upwards of $400.

And here's my take. If you're very serious with track driving, HPS or HP+ aren't going to be enough. Meat and Dan GSR swap out their HPS/HP+ street pads and rotors at the event with a set of dedicated OEM rotors and Carbontech race pads. A huge PITA, but those pads are very aggressive and won't be hot enough to stop on the roads. The HPS and HP+ work very well on the street and autox, but numerous stops from over 130mph is going to put a strain on even those pads.

On the other hand, if you're only looking to do a couple of track events per season and mostly for the fun of it and experience, HPS or HP+ should be fine. I've even heard of people swapping HP+ pads in just the front and leaving HPS pads in the rear in case you didn't want all the squeeking that's associated with the HP+ pads on the street. And if you did decide to go that route, you can always drive home on the HP+ pads in the front and swap them out for your HPS pads when you have the time.

That's what Mark (bluear32) is planning on doing IIRC.

About the brake caliper bushings, those basically apply more equal force onto the pads so that braking is slightly stronger and more consistently modulated.

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Thank you for the info