Share your best office prank....


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Ending my day with a good laugh. 😂
Now I miss working in an office.

I’ve been teleworking for about 5yrs. Office one day a week. Since COVID, full-time telework.

If I never set foot in that office again, I’m stoked. Bonus if I never have to see the people I work with.

we’ve been doing the zoom/teams meetings now, my camera has yet to be turned on.

Another couple pranks.

When I was LEO, we’d turn on “surveillance mode” and then flick on all the lights, siren, heater fan, hazards, windshield wipers, and crank the stereo. Then we’d shut off the car and go turn in. Next shift would get in the car, start it up...huh no lights? Click surveillance mode off, and all hell breaks loose.

spraying pepper spray into heater vent in the winter. When next patrol kicks on heat, they get a nice sinus clearing.


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Forgot to mention this........ These things play noises at random every 5-10 minutes. At my old job many years ago a co-worker and I bought a few of these and stuck one in a low cubical wall of this lady we worked with. We set it to the girl giggling and watched this poor woman lose her mind over the next few days.



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In the pre-covid days, I would put bowls of candy in the break room. I'd fill with them a mix of skittles, reese's, and m&m (extra points if you could find weird flavors like coconut or coffee). People would just walk by and grab a handful and stick it in their mouths then you'd hear screams of "EW gross".