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SA Specific Information.


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Ok guys lets keep this post free from chit chat and put in whatever information you have specifically regarding SA spec GTI's.

Phatbox compatibilty : RCD-300 as supplied by VWSA in the GTI is compatible with the Phatbox part number : 000-057-110. If buying off e-bay you will need to buy a 7.5v 1A ac/dc adapter for the USB cradle you connect to your pc as the one that comes with the US Phatbox is for 110v not 220v. In order to connect the Phatbox to your radio you will need a cd-changer cable part number : 1J0051592A as well as an adapter plug for the RCD-300 part number : 1J0051445D

RCD-500 MP3 : 6 CD front loader with mp3 support as from week ?? build date. Part number is : 3C0-035-195B. This will be a cost option and estimates are at R3000.00, no official pricing as yet.

Multifunction Steering : The multifunction steering wheel will also be available on all orders as from week 29. Pricing is still to be confirmed but should be around the R900.00 mark.
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