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Running a K04 on a stage 2+ file (FSI)

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My K03 is on its last legs, only peaks to about 16psi, iconic dentist drill sound and smokes like a bitch. I have a K04 in my garage ready to go on. Any issues with running the K04 on a stage 2+ file? I have injectors, FRV, MAP sensor ready to go on when i get the K04 tune as well but will not have time/money for the tune for a little while and have multiple track days coming up. Any reason I shouldn't or couldn't run it?


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I wouldnt do it, espicially if you plan on tracking it.
I agree and might state it a bit more strongly... I wouldn't do it because you are tracking it. If you were just doing street driving no problem just take it easy.

Maybe consider a K03 rebuild kit. Less than 100 assuming your cartridge is ok.
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I would recommend a boost controller for safety. The frankenturbo was originally designed to be sold as a replacement to the K03 without additional tuning and just a boost controller for safety. I probably would not swap to the S3 injectors before a tune but that's just me.