Road Trip to Portland / Vancouver Area For NorCal Area | Mar 12-16


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Taking a few days off to do some sightseeing (more importantly, not California) and wanted to see what are some hot spots to hit and/or if anything VW/Audi related was going to be going on while I was there. I've got a couple places in mind that I want to hit, otherwise its merely just meandering around the area.

Never been past Humboldt so it's all new territory for me. I'm running 24.5" FTG on my MKV Jetta so I'm not sure if I should have to worry about snow chains or snow, period. As it looks now, it should be between 40-50 degrees and likely wet, which I can handle.

Thanks and looking forward to takin in the surroundings.

Sidebar: Since I'm traveling, if there is any interest, I am selling a couple items that I wouldn't mind toting along to meet for in-person sales, to save on shipping (and likely pricing)

MKV Rabbit Front Brakes:

Eurojet 2.5l 5cyl Header with Magnaflow High Flow Cat:

Custom Dual Exhaust Jetta Valance:
Road Trip to Portland / Vancouver Area For NorCal Area Mar 12 16

Hey guys, anyone know of a reasonably priced shop that can install downpipes and intercooler in Vancouver/Portland Area? Thanks