Required Maintenance & Repairs On GTI


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Grand Rapids, Michigan
Hey All! I am new to the forum!

I drive a mk5 GTI, named Fritz, to which this is my first VW, coming from a Subaru family, & I have to say I love my car. It's got its issues all all cars come to have however I would buy another VW in a heartbeat.

I do have a few questions on repairs & upkeep as follows with the details on my car. I go to a shop that is all imports & I trust them very mush even though they are a bit pricey.

Bought the car about 2 years ago with 37k on it from a VW dealer out of Chicago. I now have 77.5k approaching the 80k DSG change again.

Some repairs I have made or decided to do regardless if not broken:

- PCV Replace as I have read the OEM version is crap & the new ones are something you should just do.
- Wheel Bearing on back right wheel.
-Rear, Passenger Window (4door) is off track/or wont go down, unless gently forced by hand, but will go up. I hear this happens where it gets off the bolt that ties it in?
- LP Fuel Pump Replace as it was showing a code for it.

I have had all the other usual maintenance things, from brakes to tires, oil changes etc on a good routine.

I have two codes reading out that there is a misfire in cylinder 1 as well as misfires in general. My shop tells me I will most likely be needing a walnut blast.

The Question I have for all of you is: what other common repairs or maintenance items might I want to try and get out of the way or pay attention to in the future? Example: Some say I should just replace my coil packs to the R8 from the OEM?

Love to hear all your feedback & I am excited to join the forum! :happyanim:


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I'm assuming this is a 2008.5 or 2009 with the TSI engine?

If so...

Definitely PCV and yeah you probably do need to do a carbon cleaning (the walnut blasting).
GENUINE VW/AUDI R8 coils aren't a bad idea

I'd recommend changing out the timing chain tensioner too. They're prone to fail. VW updated the design and if they let go they grenade the engine.
Do a search on for more info (uses the same TSI engine)