Replacing Fuel Filter--Getting DAMN clips off?!?!?!?!


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Normally the electric fuel pump in the tank will raise fuel pressure when the drivers door is opened.
When I did this task, night before starting the job, I started the engine
and pulled the fuel pump fuse, let run till engine stalled.
Next morning when I removed the filter - no fuel 'spraying' at all.
Just a bit trickled out from gravity - no fuel pressure to deal with. :thumbsup:
What fuse is it? thanks


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Wow, I'm really glad I found this thread. I was getting my oil changed yesterday and, along with offering me tires, brake pads, air filter, etc., they say I should replace my fuel filter. I'm only at 30,000 miles so I thought it was odd but what the hell, I asked how much it would run...

$185... One-hundred and eighty-five dollars.

I just laughed uncomfortably and declined.

So now I know, spend $35 and 10 minutes and smell a little like gas. I'm cool with that.


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Thank you Jeturbo for the great info in here ... I have Jetta 2.5L engine .. does anyone know if the fuel filter is located in the same place as your GTI .. sadly I don't have the Bentley to confirm that ... i'm ording some parts from ECS guys for maintenance the car as it's 45K on the clock now ...
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putting a new filter in now
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Jet - You're a lifesaver man! I thought those buttons needed to be pryed up...damn good thing I didn't do that!

I'll have the new tires next week, so I'll be giving it a go probably next Saturday...thanks a ton....LIFE SAVER!!!


I thought they did and just broke the black clip... nice eh?Now what am I going to do....


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super glue.... check! lines.. holding we shall see... for you guys having trouble with the front plug, the tab is on top.... I pulled the filter out of the housing, made it a million times easier to get that tab pushed IN not pulled out. hahahaha we will see how well superglue works... it still clicked on without it but I wanted that piece back up in there for piece of mind..


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I just let the car sit overnight before changing. Did not have any spray, just a little spillage. I also had a difficult time getting the front line off, but just used a large flathead screwdriver. Placed screwdriver head between filter and connector. Pushed on tap, pulled on line, twisted the screwdriver to force the connector away from the filter and it popped right off.


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had a hell of a time getting the jack positioned and the car high enough so i could access it cleanly without tweaking the clips b/c of a weird hand position. looked at your pictures of your jack position and will give it another shot tomorrow


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Just did this. I bought the Schwaben fuel line pliers that ECS sells and I still had a helluva time with one of the 3 connectors. The front, single connector-who's tab faces away from you-was actually pretty easy. But the center of the two rear ones was a real SOB. There isn't a helluva lot of clearance and getting the tool in there requires some creativity.


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The easy way is to just break all the clips off and use 3 of these to hold it in place afterwards. Worked for me and makes it a breeze to replace the next time you have to do it.



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say, what?

The easy way is to just break all the clips off and use 3 of these to hold it in place afterwards. Worked for me and makes it a breeze to replace the next time you have to do it.

Really? :iono:

First time I did the filter change was a learning experience.
Second time was easy and quick. The time it takes to unscrew one clamp
would be longer that it took me to release all three lines the second time around.
Preparing to do my third now.
Is it not a stiff plastic line, not a rubber line?
Does not seem to be designed to be compressed, pinched,
isn't that why there is a locking mechanism?

The factory method does nor rely on compression for a seal.
The original line and filter nipple are designed for the snap lock,
hope they stand up to the compression lock you substituted.
The thought of fuel line leaks certainly gives me reason to pause. :evil:
I would not be as bold as you changing 21st century
factory methods on a fuel line attachment.

Take a look at the construction of a 20th century rubber fuel line,
traditionally used with clamps.
VW would have to change the line material for safety with a clamp,
and would lose the cost cutting benefit of the plastic line.
Wouldn't be surprised if the filter nipples would need to be more robust too.

Be sure to post back if a line cracks from expansion / contraction / pinch stress and starts leaking.
Guess time will tell.