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Removing intake manifold without resealing injectors?


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Is resealing injectors mandatory when removing the intake manifold? I will be doing a carbon cleaning & need the manifold out of the way to access oil filter housing.

I have seen in a video the blue rear seals must be replaced, but the front is not mandatory but recommended.

Looking for any sort of advice on this, this will be my first time DIY the manifold.


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09 GTI
I've done a couple manifolds and not replaced the seals. Haven't had injectors come out of the head though, I hear that matters. Use some silicone spray or a little oil on the o-rings before you put it back together.
My best advice is to watch the on the water pump tends to get snagged and can tear when you pull the manifold. I had to buy a pigtail on ebay.
And when you reassemble, there are a couple harnesses that are easy to forget. If you get a CEL, a quick search will show you what's unplugged.


Ready to race!
I've pulled off the manifold with no issues, did my best to take my time and check over things. ALL injectors came out with it, I will be buying a seal kit for each injector ($20 CAD ea).

I'm really not keen on buying a tool to install the seals for $100+, if anyone has any tips to get this done please let me know! I've seen people on youtube use plastic tools to get it done (cheap-looking) but no info on it.
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