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This story had me shaking my head having recently dealt with dealership mechanics who questioned why I'm bringing in my car for an oil change when it has a low amount of miles even though its been a year from the last one ("You do know that oil changes are every 10K right?") and then slap a sticker on the window to come back in 6 months\5K for another oil change.
Based on their logic if I only do 2000 miles a year I don't have to change the oil for 5 years however I need to bring it back to them to change the oil every 6 months.

An automobile is usually the second biggest purchase a person will make. To not read the manual and maintenance guide is an invitation for stuff like this.
To ignore the documentation provided by the manufacturer and to rely on mechanics or "bro science" is a choice.
Sometimes that choice comes with a cost.

A decent % of people have never popped the hood of their car.
In the long run as electric vehicles take over, then that will just be the way things are.


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Not long ago my oldest daughter asked my to teach her to drive (she is 17). The first thing I said was, get in the car, read and understand how everything works, read the manual (in the car) and let me know when you are ready. I saw her how to change the oil, put gas, check tire pressures, I think it's the bare minimum......


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From my experience in the fleet world, FCA (now Stellantis) will absolutely go out of their way to void warranty. I had two Ram trucks burn out their engines a while back, both were getting regular oil changes at roughly 5k miles. However, both were getting oil changes in facilities that did not keep proper records. We were unable to prove the oil had been changed and FCA denied warranty on both trucks. The agency was stuck with 12k in repairs for each vehicle.
This is not my only example of FCA not honoring warranty, but it is most relevant.
I worked for Ford for a lot of years, we never declined warranty without significant evidence of neglect towards maintenance. Like 30k miles without an oil change is the only time I remember warranty declining an engine replacement.
So yes, he should have read his manual and been certain, but if he had gone with another vehicle manufacturer it probably wouldn't have mattered.


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FCA/Stellantis does that on the 392's & Hellcats have to change the oil every 6 months OR 6,000 miles to keep the engine warranty.
So if you have a weekend cruiser & don't put any miles on still have to change it every 6 months.