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RCD 510 Change over


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Rochester - Victoria
07 VW GOLF R32
Hello people's,
Add a RDO today as i wanted to put my new RCD 510 head unit in my 07 VW R32. Well what a journey, i started off by pulling the dash apart. I eventually worked out to pull the center dash vent controls out, & in doing so a screw fell down inside the dash. A few swear words was mentioned, i continued on & finally got the unit out. I had a bit of investigation with a light & magnet and found the screw :smile:. the next thing was to code the new gateway which was a bit stressful but got everything linked only for a few things. Power Steering Assistance malfunction, Gateway malfunction & Radio malfunction. So i had a fair few worrying hours trying to clear codes, recode modules & set the steering angle. So i had to ring the Tech's at Symes motors VW, which made me feel better. Once i set the angle i was meant to go for a spin so i did and done some circle work(at this point there is no P/S Asst)then i had assistance. I mentioned about the gateway they said to me if everything is working just leave it & see what happens & they will have a go next service.

The two things that are realy shitting me is the radio has a list of DTC's which are:
00870 Bass tone loud speaker fr-R21
00871 Bass tone loud speaker fr-R23
00873 Bass tone loud speaker fr-R15
00874 Bass tone loud speaker fr-R17
00874 Treble tone loud speaker fl-R20
00875 Treble tone loud speaker fr-R22
00876 Treble tone loud speaker rl-R14
00877 Treble tone loud speaker rr-R16


I'm having trouble with the unit recognizing CD's i once got it to accept them & play them. I've turn the unit off, disconnected the battery & left it for a while but nothing the Cd's aren't showing. When i press the Disc 1 a please wait appears on the screen & that is has far as it gets.

Well that's it i hope i haven't crapped on about nothing but i was wondering if anyone have came across the issue's that i'm having. But over all the unit is fantastic...

Cheers Stefan :thumbsup: