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Rain Tray/ Windshield Cowl and Fresh Air Intake Manifold


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Hello All,

I currently have a crack on the lip of the current Windshield cowl, where that plastic rain tray meets the glass. This crack is causing the rain tray to have a slight drop or sag on the passenger corner. I noticed a plastic cracking noise when it gets colder outside and I also noticed a little bit of water getting into my Pollen Air Filter.

I will be replacing the entire windshield cowl with the below kit...

I will be replacing the fresh air intake manifold, which I am assuming the gasket has a slight failure with the part below...

Will there be any other plastic bits or pieces that I need to be concerned about that is under the raintray and around the area where the fresh air enters the manifold?


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You covered everything........good time to clean the cowl area and check the sunroof drain nipples.