R32 makes Jeremy Clarkson's Top 25


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This didn't get much attention in the Media thread (not even a :clap:) so I thought it would be more appreciated in this forum.

Here's a list of the best cars Clarkson has driven since 2003. The R32 made the cut, and with a 5-star rating :bow:



Verdict A hole in one

I’ll cut straight to the chase: the R32 is a fabulous car, but it doesn’t shout about it. Apart from a bit of jewellery at the front and some blue brake callipers, it looks like a normal Golf. You really have to stare at it for quite some time to notice it’s riding a little lower than usual and that the tyres are suspiciously wide.

The ride is comfortable, there’s no unnecessary noise and everyone has lots of space. Then you put your foot down and suddenly the world starts to go backwards. Not harshly or sportily. It’s not like the GTI, this. It’s a big, refined power, more like gravity than internal combustion, so you feel like you’re in a Mercedes. Only I’d like to bet the VW is better made.

And cheaper. Prices for a three-door start at less than £24,000, which is exceptional value for money, and even if you go for a five-door with a double-clutch DSG flappy paddle gearbox (which is what I’d do) you’re still asked to pay less than £26,000. And that’s a lot of car for the money. It’s more than that in fact. It’s every car you could ever reasonably need. Fast, well made, practical, surprisingly economical and above all discreet.

This Golf R32 is as good as it gets. Which is why I’m giving it the rare accolade of a Sunday Times five-star rating.


Click here for the full list.

Also, check out his Worst List. This comment had me rolling :bellyroll:

Jeremy Clarkson said:
[Honda Civic Type R] All things considered I pretty much hated it. It is nowhere near as good as a Golf GTI because, to be honest, it’s nowhere near as good as walking


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