Quick cruise version 2 / more fly-bys and videos!


Passed Driver's Ed
Hey guys!

Based off the awesome attendance from the last cruise, I reckon we should have another one in coming weeks, but this time get some good footage.

The plans are:

- Meet first at Harry's Café de Wheels Parramatta (Church St) at 7:30pm (again) to leave at 8:00pm this time.

- Cruise on up to Hickson Road (via Victoria Rd, watch out for the cameras!) [get here by 9:00pm, leave at 9:30pm]

- Hickson road through the Kings Cross tunnel to Rushcutters bay (cheeky tunnel run) [be here at 10:00pm]

- Rushcutters Bay (everyone can regroup!) to Botany Boat Ramp for photos and to review footage! [around 10:45pm]

If we get kicked out from the Botany Boat Ramp by the ports authority, we will regroup at the Krispy Kreme at the airport.

All in all this will be a bigger, more fun and much better organised cruise than last time, and hopefully even more of you guys can make it along!

Date is set! Friday the 12th of July