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Hello! My name is Nassia from Athens, Greece. I've been reading the forums for quite some time and I think it's about time I started a thread.

So this is my build thread. Been having the Cupra for about a year now and enjoying it. For those unfamiliar with Seat cars, it's a 2010 Seat Ibiza Cupra 1.4 DSG with 180bhp and 250Nm stock. It uses VWs 1.4L twincharger engine (K03 turbocharger & Eaton supercharger) and it's a fast little devil. I plan on doing a lot so stay tuned! Let's start with the current mods.

Recently I Revo'd it (file 3, 100 oct. RON) and changed the intake with DTM Homologe carbon fiber pipe and Pipercross filter (C0187). It's a straight and very short carbon fiber pipe paired with a bigger air filter (bigger than its predecessor that was located in the front - Revo Greece now offers the optional bigger filter). Due to its new location (as shown below) and construction offers better airflow, lower air intake temps by approx. 10-12°C compared to the previous filter installed by Revo (because it's located away from the engine), and an amazing blow-off sound that it's 3-4 times louder than the stock. I now have 220bhp and 320Nm as advertised by Revo Greece. The pull in low-mid revs has improved greatly and on higher revs there are no significant losses either. To give you an example now 100-140km/h even pulls a bit harder than 60-100km/h and at 120 I feel the strongest pull.

I changed the DRL lamps with xenon-look leds to match the xenon headlights and give a more elegant look. Also I changed the rear license plate lights with leds (no pics with those for the moment). No error codes.

Also, I changed the color of the roof with 3M gloss black vinyl to give the panoramic sunroof illusion and fitted the je design rear top spoiler (in gloss black vinyl too). The car got a more "angry" look and people seem now more surprised watching a young woman flooring it. :wink:

Finally I did a slight weight reduction by removing the spare wheel, jack/tools and the surprisingly heavy stock filter box.
In a few days I will install the Forge intercooler, in the summer the Seat original sideskirts and right after summer the Milltek or Blueflame exhaust. The future mods include lowering, new 18'' Team Dynamics alloys with 225/40/18 Michelin Pilot Sport Cup tires and hopefully much more!

For more pics and if you want to watch this baby in action use the links below my sig. :biggrin:


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Whats the deal with seat? I thought they were it below or above the vw brand?


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pics of said female owner....


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Seats are sick, wouldnt mind owning one if they came stateside. Any pictures of the interior?