Problems with R32 skirts (Pic taken)

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3 weeks ago, my dealer installed r32 skirts to my GTI.
But since a couple of days the one on the rightside is comin' of the side for 2mm over a lenght off 15cm's (8inches)I tried to push it back on, but can't get any movement in it.

Is it possible to re-install them or are they glued on??

EDIT; Picture taken

Uh.... it's normal to go back to the dealer, but it's a 300km trip. So I want to know if it's something I can do by myself.

Sorry about the bad english:thumbdown:


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The skirts are held on at the top with some double sided tape which runs along the skirt, I woudl suggest replacing it with some new tape.


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yes... you can bring it back to dealer for reistallation... it
is the best way.... also, u better ask them to CLEAN the
contact and use the "Heat-Gun" to warm the side skirts
before they put the "TAPE" on it..... good luck :smile:


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Since you have a GTI, and therefore have the plastic retention strip screwed into the car, I would imagine that the skirt is not clipped on to the strip properly. Initially, the tape might have masked this problem by holding the edge in place, but I doubt that improperly applied tape would cause the skirt to bow out in the middle like that.

The two screws on the end of the skirts, the other two screws in the middle and clipping into the plastic strip along most of the length of the skirt should keep it in place very securely, and the 3M tape should just join the edge to the body of the car.

Just remove it, remove the old tape, and then reinstall with fresh tape while taking care to make sure that the skirt is clipped in place properly.