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I remember loving my mk5 Jetta. First manual transmission I had ever driven in my life. Learned during the test drive lol but it drove so much better than my mk6

MK6 Jetta’s are the product of the same type of decision making, made by the same people, that caused dieselgate. Winterkorn et al had an aggressive agenda for becoming the biggest car company in the world, and the fact that the NAR MK6 Jetta and NMS Passat were no longer shared with the PQ35 Golf/European B7 platform was a hallmark of that. B6’s are plastic toys. And so are MK6 Jetta’s. My sister wrecked my MK5 Jetta a month after I got mine when I was 17 and I replaced it with the then-new 2011 MK6 Jetta w/ same engine/trans, but nothing else was the same or as nice. Drum brakes, torsion beam rear, 6 speakers vs Mk5’s 10. Etc etc