possibly new to MKV?


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My car is all wrapped up in the TDI business and I'm thinking about a MKV GTI. I've done a good amount of digging and have found the common issues thread and the idea that these guys eat some oil. Many of these items seem to have been addressed (last couple pics on the post). Anything else I should be looking for?

here's the one I'm considering:

I'm definitely not afraid of doing my own work - I've had 3 TDIs and a w8 6MT wagon and have done at least timing-belt-level work on all of them.

Any advice?


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Hey mate, I've owned three GTI's so I'm pretty familiar with the issues.

Make sure:

  • The aircon works.
  • The timing belt has been changed and the seller has receipts or service records of this.
  • The DSG shifts smoothly and check the reverse as well make sure there's no "surging" while reversing.
  • The roofliner isn't sagging.
  • The MFD display doesn't fade.
  • When starting the car, there is no "squeak" from the starter motor.
  • Check that all doors lock when the remote is activated. The door latch problem is common.
They're pretty reliable cars otherwise. You'll love the GTI.
And it's good that you're handy with a spanner as well.


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Thanks. Any real difference between your MKVs and MKVI?
Body work and a TSI motor vs FSI. The TSI doesn't suffer from fuel pump cam follower issues like the FSI does. Interior is different as well.

I'll add to the list above and ask the seller if they know anything about the cam follower, fuel pump, and cam shaft. Ask if they've ever been replaced for any reason. I didn't read the ad, but depending on miles it's possible that it could be a grenade if they've never paid those items any attention.


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The only two things I would ask would be, has the timing belt been changed, and is he running an aftermarket clutch. The stock clutch won't hold up to stage 2.

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