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Possible tie Rod end solution for TTRS spindles.

Das Gespenst

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Glen Ellyn
For those of us that went deep down the Rabbit hole there's been a constant issue on the tie Rod ends. The TTRS arms don't thread far enough into the OEM rack and the OEM tie rods are too short. Buddy of mine found this, would allow the use of OEM rack and tie rod ends while maintaining proper length. My Whiteline bumpsteer kit is already calling it quits so I'm going to try these with OEM rack and rod ends.


Acworth, Georgia
'07 Gti
Hmm looks interesting, wonder how they hold up to track use and similar stress. I was told by a Euro shop that my tie rods are due for replacement. Got an alignment with new wheels and tires, and that shop didn't see anything. Just got a third opinion and that shop wanted to replace my control arms for almost $1,000 LOL. Planning to get some powerflex bushings, we'll see about tie rods