Please help... ABS issues I think


Passed Driver's Ed
2012 VW CC Sport
2.0TSI / DSG / FWD... nothing special

So the issue is that all the lights are on... ill post a short video if its not already up... when you go to stop, it stops fine but then acts like the brakes are slipping and then the abs starts to do its abs things and the brake pedal gets stiff. I can stop fine and drove it to work a few days last week, but my wife doesn't want to drive it 10hrs like that and she doesn't want to drive the Tesla because she is staying with family for 2wks and will get old charging at a supercharger every other day.

This car needs fixed by Monday Nov 2nd

Things I've replaced are new wheel bearing and hub assemblies, new wheel speed sensors, brake pads and rotors. I checked all the fuses and no fuses are blown. I have one of those bluetooth obd2 readers, but it can't read safety things like abs. If anyone is local to the Norfolk area, I'll happily meet up if you have one of those ross cables and bring some money or beer.

Thanks in advance