Pittsburgh Area -- Part 2


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Pittsburgh Pa
09 Mkv GTI
Wow its been a while since I've been on here. Had the 06 GTI then the 08 R32. both are long gone but still have the 08 Rabbit with R wheels still on her. Hello all.

Haven't been on here a lot lately. Be nice if this tread still had some activity but the facebook group killed it.


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2006 gti mkv
Can anyone help out with a Vag Com scan? I live right off the turnpike in Irwin. I would come to you but my car is barely running. I was in monroeville yesterday and car was just idling normally and all of a sudden it sounded terrible, turned down the radio and it sounds like its only runnin on 2 cylinders. Went to try to drive and it would barely move. Decided I didn't wanna hurt her any worse and got it towed to my house. My local mechanic told me to change the coil packs but I wanna pull the codes first.

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Pittsburgh, Pa
Welcome to our dead thread. Everyone with a MKV in the area just uses Facebook anymore. Have you been to any meets in the area before?

Hey man.

No, I haven't made it out to any of the meets.

I'm kinda really bad about... you know... showing up places or leaving my house when I don't absolutely have to. hahaha Work on the car, work on the house, do horrible things to the girlfriend. And occasionally get dragged kicking and screaming out somewhere with my friends. None of whom are car people really. That's about the extent of it.

And I generally avoid Facebook like the plague.