Pick One - BMW M5 Competition Pack or Mercedes E63 AMG S?

Pick One - BMW M5 Competition Pack or Mercedes E63 AMG S?

  • 2014 Mercedes-Benz E63 AMG S

    Votes: 10 31.3%
  • 2014 BMW M5 Competition Pack

    Votes: 22 68.8%

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When luxury sports sedans with more than 400 hp simply aren't powerful enough, the M5, E63, and CTS-V are ready to serve the most lead-footed enthusiasts around. And in our latest Motor Trend comparison test, the 2014 BMW M5 Competition Pack battles the 2014 Mercedes-Benz E63 AMG S. Both have nearly 600 hp from twin-turbo V-8s, and while you can read the comparison HERE, in today's TOTD we want to hear from you: Would you rather drive the refreshed M5 or the updated E63? Acceleration from 0-60 mph takes just 3.7 seconds for the BMW M5 Competition Pack and only 3.4 seconds for the Mercedes-Benz E63 AMG S. As we explain in the comparison, though, to achieve that performance in the BMW requires using a complicated procedure to start launch control. Although both cars are entertaining to drive, the BMW is incredibly customizable, with 125 different ways to set up the car among various throttle response, suspension, steering, and DCT settings. While the adjustability set the M5 back during the comparison, perhaps you'd prefer the settings to the E63's fewer options. Once you get moving fast on a winding road, the E63 leans a bit more in corners. The M5 is more isolated, but on a $100,000 midsize luxury sports sedan, we'll let you determine whether that's a good or bad feature. The rear-drive BMW M5 Competition Pack and all-wheel-drive Mercedes-Benz E63 AMG S will both provide plenty of thrills, but if you had to drive just one, which would it be? Check out our comparison HERE and watch our Head 2 Head video


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S6 and put 30k in the bank


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Buy both the M5 and E63 and piss everyone off by putting them in a destruction derby... that would be great reliability test actually. Maybe Top Gear can make that their next challenge.


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I used to be extremely hardcore Merc...talkiing 4-5 antiques or AMGs. Then I got in a BMW and realized what I was missing. M5 no doubt and no chance, so long as maintenance is paid for...


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There hasn't been a good manual M5 since the E39...The E60 and F10 are just in another era of cars and never should have had a manual option. The E60 manual had the same 6-speed as the E39 which meant the clutch life was greatly reduced and ESC couldn't be turned off in the E60 manual. The F10 manual though an upgrade over the E39/E60 manual is old tech and not developed in conjunction with the modern engine. It was an after thought to sell more M5s in the US.