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Philippines GTI MKV Owners


maotsetung ftw!
Space Coast, FL
Hey! Kamusta na kababayan? Madami pala mga VW owners dito. Born and raised ako sa Manila. Lived there for about 11 years then pumunta na sa FL. Nandito ako sa Hawaii ngayon pero pauwi na rin ulit sa FL next month. Anyone from FL out here??


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Las Vegas
MKV GTI & 2.5
Im a manila based watercooler. i use to own a 92 US Cabriolet and a mk3 gli from europe. now im driving a mk1 campaign gti and a mk2 golf driver, all european models. theres a mk5 farenheit gti here which was sold 3 years ago from the gray market at around 2.3mill, i guess thats the reason why VWs doesnt get the attention of filipino auto buyers. there are more mk4 r32s here than all of the mk5 and mk6 models combined. some of us get together once or twice a year only to share knowledge about the cars. forming a formal club is out of the question. we dont want politics involved with our good relationship with each other. :)

I know this was a long time ago, but I'm for sure moving back and bringing my MKV home is starting to become out of the question due to taxes. So if anyone wants to get rid of their MKIV I'll be interested for sure.

Jonny Black

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May's collection of cars. Not bad for a little girl from cavite. :wink:

She misses the miata alot...the CRZ a bit....but she loves the GTI, and it has back seats...what for? To haul around all her filipino friends of