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Perpetuus' MkV Build Thread


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I am mostly about performance, but I got tired of the stock look. It's not up until recently that I got some exterior changes done to my car.

Sept. 2013 -> Next project is to remove unsprung weight.
July 2014 -> Installed K04, S3 injectors, S3 turbo outlet pipe, BSH integrated throttle body pipe, USRT WMI spacer, cleaned VWR intake, cleaned intake valves

Next Project:
August 2014 -> Stoptech BBK, Passat alu. spindles and control arms, Stoptech rear cryo rotors

Perpetuus’ MkV GTI Build Thread

2007 GTI MkV, 6 Speed Manual.
No factory options.

-DM K04+ Flash (at 53,xxx KM)
-S3 Injectors (at 53,xxx KM)
-S3 K04 Turbo (at 53,xxx KM)
-S3 Turbo Outlet Pipe (at 53,xxx KM)
-BSH Integrated Throttle Body Pipe (at 53,xxx KM)
-Golf R MAP Sensor (at 53,xxx KM)
-USRT Throttle Body Spacer for water/meth (at 53,xxx KM)
-AWE Porsche Mechanical DV (at 53,xxx KM)
-AWE DV Relocate (at 53,xxx KM)
-R8 Coilpacks
-NGK PFR7S8EG Double Platinum Spark Plugs
-VW 6.6 Bar Fuel Filter
-APR HPFP (Installed 5/20/2013)
-Wagner Tuning 2.0TFSI Intercooler
-VW Racing Cold Air Intake (Installed 8/5/2013)
-42DD Ultimate Catch Can
-AWE 200 cell HJS metal cat
-AWE R32 Style Full Turboback with Diamond Black Tips (at 51,XXX km, 10/18/2013)
-Redline 5W40 Ester-based Oil (at 53,xxx KM)
-G13 Coolant Refill (at 53,xxx KM)

-Wavetrac LSD
-Dieselgeek Sigma 6 Short Shifter Kit (reduced front-rear AND side-to-side throws by 30%)

Suspension and Chassis:
-H2Sport Öhlins Road and Track Coilovers
Springs: Eibach Race Springs, 350 lb/in front and rear
Rear Suspension Linear Spring Platforms
-H2Sport Front Camber Plates
-Stock VW swaybars (Re-installed 9/7/2013)
-Whiteline Anti-Lift Kit
-VF Engineering Pendulum Mount, Engine Side Mount, and Transmission Mount
-VW EPS Unit with Programmable Steering Assist Levels from a 2006 GLI
-Tyrolsport Rigid Subframe Collar Kit (Partial) (9/5/2013)
-Fully corner-balanced in 2013

-VW R32 Rear Bumper and Diffuser
-Replica Votex Front Lip
-Painted Stock Skirts
-Hella European R32 Darkened Tail Lights
-VW Aspherical Side Mirrors
-Sharan Antenna Replica (8/3/2013)

-Euroswitch with coming home feature
-VW Monster Mats
-VW Carpet Mats with Red Embroidered Piping
-VW Cargo Net

Wheels and Tires:
-Summer: BBS Forged 18x8.5 ET38 Wheels (For sale)
-Summer: OZ Allegerita 18x8 Wheels with 225/40/18 Michelin Pilot Super Sport Tires
-Winter: Borbet LV5 16x7 Anthracite Painted Wheels with 205/55/16 Dunlop SP Winter Sport 3D Tires

Incoming or Not Installed:
-ATE Superblue Brake Fluid
-AWE Gunmetal 6MT Aluminium Pedals
-S3 forged alloy spindles
-S3 aluminium lower control arms
-Unibrace XB
-034 Motorsports Rear Trailing Arm Bearings
-Stoptech 328mm 4 piston slotted Big Brake Kit
-VWR front and rear swaybars
-Snow Performance Stage 2 Water/Meth Injection Kit

As of July 2013:

Total weight = 2950 lbs with 3/4 tank of fuel. (July 2014)
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I dig it. It's not over the top but looks clean and sophisticated.

What do you think of the Hella rear lights? Was installation difficult?


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In my garage
I dig it. It's not over the top but looks clean and sophisticated.

What do you think of the Hella rear lights? Was installation difficult?
Installation was really easy. Just fold back the carpeting near the tail lights, and then unplug and unfasten the lights. (4x nuts)

Don't let the nuts drop into the body and it's a simple 20 minute job :thumbsup:


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Installed Hotchkis rear swaybar

Finally installed the 27mm Hotchkis rear bar yesterday to go with my 26mm H&R front. The front end of the car feels much lighter. I don't know if I like it just yet.

Currently have it set to medium stiffness at the rear (+135% stiffer than stock)



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In my garage
VWR Intake as of today: 9/14/2013

Found a small leak at the MAF. I reinstalled it more tightly and played around with the washers. Fitment is better now.

My Hotchkis 27mm RSB is for sale if anyone is interested.