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I've never been a fan of the concept of paying the premium for a new car, then being shoved into the little room with a sales person trying to drill you for even more cash for paint protection.

The outcome of this discussion got me deal to review the Opti-Coat product on my own car.

"Opti-Coat is not a nano particle, it is rather a pre-polymer that cross links and forms a continuous film on the surfaces it is applied to, similar to a single component isocyanate that forms a clear coat finish. Opti-Coat also reacts with the substrate that it is applied to so it will not delaminate. Nano particles are sub micron particles that are created by controlled reactions or by breaking down larger particles. They do not react or form bonds.

As far as the durability of Opti-Coat, it is similar to urethane clears. It will not wash away or break down, however, you can polish it over time ! The hardness starts at 6-7 but will increase over time to 9H as it is exposed to heat. Coat is based on a resin pre-polymer that we manufacture and once it is applied, it cross links and reacts with urethane and other clear coat paints. Opti-Coat has better chemical resistance, scratch & mar resistance, and release properties than any automotive coating in use. This coating like a regular clear coat lasts indefinitely unless it is removed by polishing, sanding, or paint removers.”

Although there's a consumer grade of this product on the market I'm told that the professional grade is much better in every way so with help from Joel at Optimum Car Care we organised to have Dave from Reflect Effect to come and apply Opti-Coat to my carbon bonnet. A pretty good idea as carbon parts aren't cheap and I've seen many faded carbon bonnets over the years (gel coats don't seem to last very long).

Dave first cleaned my bonnet, which wasn't too bad apart from some water stains.

This 40cc syringe had $200 worth of Opti-Coat in it.

Applying the Opti-Coat. Dave told me that the Opti-Coat he was using (unavailable for everyday consumers) dries up a lot quicker, giving you much less time to work it right.

All done. I was instructed to keep the car dry for 24hrs whilst the Opti-Coat hardened.

My car gets parked in a car port outside, which explains why it's always dirty. I live by the beach so it's often covered in salt. I'll be sure to report back with updates on how it goes over time.

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I think it is but not certain. All I know is that I first heard of it was when I was purchasing my GTI at the dealership. They were recommending it but I turned it down. I thought it was just a hoax to make some money out of me. Gotta go look more into this and try it out and see your results as well. My car is also kept in a car port. If I like I'll most likely get a professional to do it though.

- mao