Oil pressure warming around 2000 rpm, Golf Mk5 1.4 FSI


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Golf Mk5 1.4 FSI
Hello everybody,

I have a problem that slowly has been driving me crazy. About a year ago I was driving and suddenly I got an oil pressure warning telling me to turn the car off. First thing I did was pull over and turn the car off. I checked if there was enough oil and there was enough. As I was already at my destination about 30 min later I got in again and drove off, no warnings. A day or 2 later I got the same warning again while I was accelerating and when I passed 2500 rpm it turned off by itself. I was a bit confused but kept on driving, but soon I realized the oil pressure was only turning on at around 2000 rpm and when I accelerated it would turn off.
After this I went by a VW certified shop of a friend and we checked the oil pressure with a mechanical gauge, everything seemed fine so we concluded that the oil pressure switch(sensor) must be faulty. After ordering a new one and replacing it, the warming would still turn on. Now almost a year later I've replaced the oil filter and oil numerous times with no result, last month I changed the oil pump and I was pretty sure this would fix it but still no progress. Maybe somebody on here knows what might be the problem.

Over the year I found out that the warning only turns on lets say between 1800 and 2300 rpm and only when the engine is at a steady temperature of 90 degrees celcius (normal running temperature) so its not overheating. So when the car is just started it wont give me any warming only at normal running temperature.

The 3 beeps everytime it turns on have slowely been driving me crazy and i'm pretty sure it has given me some form of PTSD, so any help would be appreciated.