Official Mid-Atlantic FS/FT/WTB/WTT Thread


2007 GTI
[copied from my thread over on VW Vortex]

I need to clean out my garage and Ive got some stock parts sitting around. Im posting but I will take pictures and post them up by tomorrow.

All of these items are off my 2007 GTI and in perfect condition

Item 1: Stock 6 speed shifter/boot $60 OBO

-I upgraded my shiftknob/boot so this is laying around. Installation is a pinch, the shifter/boot assembly snaps right on, take 5 minutes to install. It can be fitted to Mark 4's too but requires some small trimming/modifying to make it fit perfect.

Item 2: Stock springs/shocks off my GTI. $100 OBO.

-They were on the car for ~11k miles before I upgraded to the koni yellow kit. Their just sitting in my shed taking up space and I want them GONE!

Item 3: Stock lower rear bumper $110 OBO

This is the stock textured lower rear bumper on my GTI. Its been on for ~20k miles before I found another rear bumper. Its currently sitting in my attic taking up space and I want it GONE! Its in perfect shape, no dents/etc.

Im located in Ashburn but am willing to meet up in DC/VA/MD. All prices are negotiable .

Again, pictures will be up by tomorrow afternoon!


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2008 Nissan Xterra S
Dell E1505 15.4" Notebook Laptop - $550

I am selling a used Dell E1505 15.4" Notebook Laptop but in a very good condition. The laptop is almost 2 years old. Its always been kept at home and never brought out of the house. It just sits on my desk didn't really move it around.

Here are the specs:

CPU: INTEL T2300 @ 1.66GHZ
MEM: 2.00 GB
LCD: Trulife LCD,15.4WSXGA+ - 1680x1050 resolution
VID: ATI Mobility Radeon x1400

DVD(RW,R), CD(RW,R) Drive
Wireless NIC

** I will be wiping the HDD and installing an operation of your choice for no extra charge! (Windows XP or Windows Vista). I would also be installing Microsoft Office 2007 for FREE!

** The battery is also in a good condition because I has been replaced by dell before the warranty went out.

This laptop is pretty good for gaming also, I've ran World of Warcraft, Counter-Strike and Battlefield 2142!

The price is pretty firm, as I stated the laptop is a very condition and I also upgraded some of the parts.

*** You can call me at my # 703-999-1926 or send me a text message! You can also send me a PM!


2007 GTI
FS: OEM 4 18X7.5 Hufeisen Wheels off my 2007 GTI w/ Pirelli P-Zero nero A/S.

$400 obo.

Heres the skinny. Im buying new wheels soon and I need to get rid of these. When I originally bought my car in June of 2007 they had the factory Continental summers on there. I picked up the Pirelli's in November of last year and have had them since. I have no complaints against my pirelli's at all. As of right now they will need to be replaced in a couple of months time. Ive had zero problems with the tires through rain, dry and snow.

the wheels themselves arent in mint condition but thats why im not asking too much , they have their fair shair of scratches and rash. so heres the conclusion that I reached after evaluating each wheels.

Right front wheel: 2 tiny nicks/rash on lower section of hollow spokes, they are very small

right rear wheel: tiny gouge in the middle of one of the spokes, its extremly small unless you look close up, there are also tiny knicks on the lower sections of two of the hollow spokes, again very small, there are surfaces scrathces that were done when i let a friend clean my wheels , they are very minor and can probably polish right out, there is also a slight curb mark from a yellow curb from someone else driving

Left Front: again very very minor surface scratches from letting a friend clean my wheels with the wrong type of rag[used a paper towel ], there are no knicks or gouges on this wheel]

Left Rear: again, slight surface scratch from the paper towel a friend was using, and thats basically it

here are some pictures of said wheels:

right rear:

Left front/rear

I will be taking more tomorrow, these are what I found online since the lighting in my garage isnt best and its dark outside.

also forgot to add: Located in Ashburn,VA[NOVA] but I am willing to drive within reason or meet halfway


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Hey peeps, check my classified ad- I'm selling a 'may as well be brand new' Eurojet Diverter Valve/Grenade valve relocation kit... hit me up if you're interested.:bow:


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2008 VW GTI
Hey peeps, check my classified ad- I'm selling a 'may as well be brand new' Eurojet Diverter Valve/Grenade valve relocation kit... hit me up if you're interested.:bow:

haha, my girlfriend's name is Jules so I saw you and thought it was her on the website.


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99 B5 passat wagon

MK5 OEM 16'' steelies w/rubber $165
Monster Mats $40 + your stock mats

WANT TO SWAP my rabbit black front end for a united gray gti front... i have

Rabbit Front End Swap (Bumper is black but i was saving up to shave it)
oem+ rabbit fog grilles but no fogs
Badgeless grille (i have hood notch fills)
I can include a free europlate

If you trade me, ill trades these for freeee

UG PAINTED Euro Golf Rear TDI Bumper (no exhaust cut out) for your stock UG rear bumper + $0 (ill throw in a europlate for free)
UG Painted sideskirts for stock texture ones (2 door)