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Odometer Rollback


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Ferris: "Look this is real simple. Whatever miles we put on we'll take off."

Cameron: "How?"

Ferris: "We'll drive home backwards."

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I understand that some people, who have access to VW factory tools can roll back odometers.

This option exists because of gauge cluster failures. A dealership would need to be able to input "14252 miles" into the gauge cluster so later, on the title, you wouldn't have an "odometer discrepancy report."

So yes, this can be done with the PROPER tools.

The mileage can be entered to anything you awnt if a cluster has under 100 km on it. So an existing odometer cannot be changed it would have to be replaced.

The current system does not allow manual entry, possibly still with vag-com but on a dealer level it would have to be an older tech who remembers and still has the logins for doing it manually. most don't.

That would be really risky for a dealer tech to do since it is a federal offense. plus it would need to be done with a new cluster which needs to be ordred based on vin, the keys would then need to be aligned for the immo.

Chances are its legit or someone did it with an illegal odometer roll back software.


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A simple step is to look for a loose screw on the car dashboard. If you see that dashboard is not set up correctly, it is wise to think that the odometer instrument has been altered at least once during its life.

Also, closely examine the total number of mileage in the title and look for any signs of smudging or tampering in connection with such device.

Ask the used car seller to provide the important documents and information like the maintenance receipt, inspection sticker, VIN, vehicle history report, among others.


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Don't waste your money on the carfax report, just go to the dealer like the last poster said and have them bring up the history.

Take some pictures of the clutch and brake pedal and post them up.

Also check on vortex like suggested in the 20th forum. There is a registry post I believe of all the cars. See who had that number car before.